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80 Volunteers Aim for a Fun Community Beautification Day of Service

More than 80 volunteers armed with paint brushes, rollers and Roller Handles, blue tapes, trays and some paint to beautify the Empire Board of Realists building on Saturday. The Volunteers spent the first half of the day painting the exterior and interior of the building.

These volunteers from several organizations, including the United Way of Greater Atlanta and their corporate partners, Young Professional Leaders/LINC, Youth United Atlanta, Suntrust Bank, United Way Staff Members, Global Paint for Charity’s volunteers, sacrificed a Saturday morning to help make the building a brighter place.

For many young professional Leaders, it was a good opportunity to learn a new skills, team work and making a difference, others enjoy some networking time and watching the transformation of building from an old beige to a perfect gray color.

“This is the first time I painted anything, I have painted my nails, that’s it!! I really enjoy this event. I get to spend time with my friends and new people while giving back to my community" said one of the young leaders, Linda.

It's the way of educating a more beautiful and better community and showing these youth and future leaders in our community the importance of caring for their neighborhood and the less fortunate.

"In their generation and the next generation, I hope they keep painting and changing lives in the community" said a volunteer.

Thank you to the United Way of Greater Atlanta team and Staff Members donating all the supplies, The entire Atlanta Elite Construction team for providing sprayer machines and ladders, Tool Bank of Atlanta, Global Paint for Charity for donating 120 gallons of paint and conducting the event, Sherwin Williams, and Sharon Henry, 2016 President Of The Empire Board Of Realists for providing breakfast, soft drinks, water to the volunteers, it was HOT and SUNNY on Saturday, and the drinks came very handy. We want to thank Rony Delgarde for his leadership and all of the wonderful volunteers from our organization who helped make this happen. Thank you all for your support and donations of time, paint, and other gifts. And thanks for coming out to help paint the building.

“Thank you so much for showing up and showing out. You guys did an excellent job repainting the entire exterior and interior building of the Empire board of Realists. Words cannot express our gratitude” Said Sharon Henry, 2016 President Of The Empire Board Of Realists.

The Empire Board of Realists Office is where hundreds of minorities and females are learning to become entrepreneurs, small business owners, obtain financial education and become role models and leaders in our community. Many of them are very thankful for the fresh color of paint on their building.

Please show your support for Global Paint for Charity! Visit our website www.globalpaints.org and make a donation to help us recycle and provide more paint for underprivileged people in our communities not just The Empire Board of Realists building in Atlanta but around the world.

If you would like to help host a paint drive or paint project in your community, please contact us by email at info@globalpaints.org or call our Team at 855-853-7772. Together We Can Make a Difference and paint the world one gallon at a time.

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