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5 Most Attractive Online Jobs for Spanish Speakers

Did you know that people from all around the world were learning Spanish because that skill boosts their employability? If you already speak Spanish pretty well, then you have an advantage that’s definitely valuable on the job market. The best part is that you can also count on online jobs!

Why would you want to work online? First of all, you’ll be saving tons of money that you’d otherwise spend on clothes, transport, and meals when getting a “real” job. You’ll also be able to manage your time however you want to. You’ll be able to spend precious moments with your family, and you’ll still be making money.

The only question is: what are the best online job opportunities for Hispanic professionals? We’ll give you a list of 5 best options to consider.

Online ESL Tutor

Online language tutoring is a growing industry that’s constantly open for new talent. This job will involve online tutoring sessions through Skype or another video conferencing tool. You’ll need to organize your time well, so you’ll be able to work with students from different time zones.

An online ESL tutor earns around $25 per hour, depending on the platform they use. The average yearly pay is $54,337. You may start by applying for these types of jobs and getting one. Once you realize how the business works, you may even consider starting your own website that would provide tutoring to Latinos who want to learn English, as well as to native English speakers who want to learn Spanish.


This is a general term for all professions related to writing. You may be a “real” writer and publish your own novel. You’ll write it in Spanish and then you’ll translate it into English, so you’ll reach a greater audience. Amazon has its own self-publishing platform that’s welcoming for all aspiring writers.

But the traditional concept of a writer is not what the profession is limited to. We’re talking about online jobs, and that’s where people with good writing skills can excel. You may work as a freelancer and find clients through platforms like Upwork. If you’re good at academic writing, you may get a job at an essay writing company. Since you know both languages, you’ll be able to target more orders and you’ll be making more money.

The average salary of content writers in the USA is $42,666.

Online Pharmacist

There are two main requirements to meet for this type of job: you need a current pharmacist license granted by the appropriate licensing authority in your state, and you need to know both English and Spanish pretty well.

Since the number of Spanish speakers is consistently increasing in the USA, your knowledge of both languages will certainly be appealing for the employer.

So what will you do as an online pharmacist? You’ll use the platform to provide patient consultations to the users who request additional information via phone, email, or live chat. You’ll advice them on proper drug selection, usage, dosage, and possible side effects.

The average salary for this profession in the USA is $123,674 on an annual basis.

Social Media Marketing

Are you proficient in social media? Do you have a degree or at least some kind of certificate in marketing? Then you can compete for a job in one of the most progressive industries: social media marketing.

As a social media manager, you will tailor the marketing campaign of a particular brand, and you’ll conduct the process of promotion. You’ll help businesses achieve greater popularity on different social media platforms, and you’ll earn money for those efforts.

The average salary for a social media manager is $48,986.

Customer Service Representative

When you want to buy something online, the price and the product are not the only things that matter. You’re also careful about the credibility of the website, so you definitely need a reliable customer support system. All brands are aware of that need of their customers. That’s why they provide live chat and other contact options, and they hire and train good customer service agents.

If you’re a communicative person, you can easily do this job from home. Your Spanish skills will be greatly valued, since you’ll be able to address a specific category of users who don’t speak English well. The average annual salary for this profession in the USA is $36,646.

If you develop skills in customer relationship management, you’ll be able to progress and earn a higher salary.


It’s time for Spanish speakers to start benefiting from their language skills. Fortunately, the online world welcomes them on various attractive positions. Did you get inspired?


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