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Are You Living A Purposeful Life? Sandra Graves - Purpose Speaker and Coach

YES! You have accomplished many goals, so be proud of yourself. Yet, figuring out the next step can be challenging even for overachievers. Why? One of the reasons is that you are using the same rusted old tools that got you were you are now, but those tools will not get you where you want to go. 

Why? Well, you are in a cycle of good intentions with poor rusted old executions. This can make you feel inadequate about yourself and questioned your past achievements.…


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Reach Your Goals With Life Coaching - En Vivo Associates

Life coaching is quite similar to sports coaching; as a sports coach, who helps a team or individual optimize their own potential, a life coach is someone who helps each individual focus on their present life in order to make them move forward with defining, positive goals.

Their approach consists in taking an honest look at a given situation and guiding people to make any necessary adjustments, big or small, with the purpose of…


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They Are Called Motivational, Inspirational Speakers - En Vivo Associates

They are called inspirational, motivational, informational, business, spiritual speakers, among many other names. Having achieved success through the development of certain tools, these talented experts bring a wealth of experience delivered as speeches that intent to "Wow" and inspire different audiences.



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Conferencistas y Motivadores Hispanos - En Vivo Associates

Se les conoce como oradores inspiracionales, motivacionales, de negocios y espirituales, entre otros nombres.  Son personas que han logrado desarrollar las herramientas necesarias para hacer de sus vidas un éxito y se dedican a compartir su valiosa experiencia con diversas audiencias mediante discursos elaborados con el fin de impresionarlas e inspirarlas.…


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Asociacion de Coaches Hispanos / Latinos - En Vivo Associates

Un coach es un entrenador y cuando hablamos de un coach de vida hacemos referencia a una persona que está lista para ayudarte a optimizar tus potencialidades, tal como se haría con un atleta en el campo deportivo; en este sentido, un coach se dedica a ayudar a cada individuo a enfocarse en su presente a fin de hacerle avanzar en la búsqueda de metas positivas.

Su método consiste en observar una situación con honestidad y guiar a…


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With 19,000+ members, the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals and free to join.



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