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More Hispanics Heading to College

A new report just released by Pew research indicates that more Hispanics and minorities are heading to college. Biggest reason - high school completion rates are up. Great news for Hispanics all around.

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Hispanic College Graduation Rates: A National Priority

Big news out today focuses on a study conducted by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research regarding the latest numbers of Hispanic college graduates in the context of making it a national priority. Among some of the key findings of the report :(link)

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Cultural Factors: Applicable to Many Areas and Industries?

While a lot of marketing research concentrates on culture Hispanic ”consumers” – I think many of these research results can be easily applied and incorporated to employer recruiting strategies for the Hispanic workforce, including Hispanic college graduates.

I've posted many times via my blog that culture is one of the things that can be applied to many different areas and…


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Simpatia and Hispanic College Grads

What role does simpatia play in hiring and retaining Hispanic college graduates?

Check out my latest guest blog on Intern Matters.

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Essentials for Recruiting Hispanic College Grads

I'd appreciate your thoughts on my latest blog post via Hispanic Talent Memo - 8 Essentials for Recruiting Hispanic College Grads

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Graduating Hispanic and other Minority College Students

Earlier in the week, Newsweek ran an article regarding the progress of minority college graduation rates. The article provides a good statistical and illustrative overview of challenges faced by some colleges and universities attempting to boost their minority enrollment and graduation rates. I blogged about the article via my blog at Hispanic Talent…


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Hispanic Interns- We Are Family

Please take a moment to read my latest guest blog post, Hispanic Interns: We Are Family, at Intern Matters regarding Hispanic college students and internships. While you're there, review some of my other posts regarding Hispanic and internship opportunities. Thanks!

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College: A Hispanic Student's Perspective

was recently on the Northern Kentucky University campus to spend time with the Office of Latino Student Affairs. As a reminder, they’re hosting the first annual Educating Latinos for Kentucky’s Future (ELKF) Conference this Thursday and Friday at the NKU campus. I’ll be there sharing some tweets and…


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Emerging HSIs = More Hispanics Entering College

Excelencia in Education continues its tremendous work with a study regarding emerging Hispanic Serving Institutions - or HSIs. If you’re not familiar with the term, HSIs are colleges or universities where total Hispanic enrollment constitutes a minimum of 25% of the total enrollment. According to Hispanic Association of Universities and Colleges (HACU) one of every two… Continue

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Latina Leadership PODCAST: Interview with Aurelia Flores from PowerfulLatinas.com

Get ready to be inspired! Meet Aurelia Flores, Founder of PowerfulLatinas.com. We discuss Hispanic leadership, the Hispanic workforce, education, and culture. Listen here: One Powerful Latina

Aurelia's Bio

Aurelia founded Powerful Latinas in 2007 as a company that gathers together Latina women to… Continue

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Stand And Deliver- The Dream Continues

An AP program allows high school students to enroll in college-level classes to earn college credit prior to graduation from high school. Students earn college credit by taking an exam demonstrating they’re proficient in a specific area of study. It provides high school students an opportunity to experience the demands of college work and is also recognized by colleges as an important factor in admission criteria. In some respects, I would argue earned AP credits can be better predictors of… Continue

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Hispanic Progress in Education & the Workplace

Please check out my post on the progress Hispanic Americans have made in college and the workplace via my blog - Hispanic Talent Memo. I think you'll enjoy it!

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Hispanics and STEM Careers

Here is a great article regarding Hispanics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics careers. Collectively known as STEM careers, they are a significant issue in the study of Hispanic student retention and persistence. Historically, Hispanics and other minorities have been disproportionately under-represented in STEM disciplines. As of 2000, the ratio of STEM degrees earned by Hispanics,… Continue

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