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Why Are People Skeptical of Diversity Training?

Over the years I’ve talked with a significant number of leaders and employees who view diversity training with skepticism.  I've wondered whether this might occur because people have been subjected to diversity training programs that make them feel uncomfortable about who they are or that make them think that they're doing something…


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The Definition of Diversity

Leaders and professionals ask me what I think diversity is and how to define it clearly.  I tend to focus less about particular definitions than about the actual behaviors that we practice in the workplace.  Diversity is often given a lot of verbiage but very little practical support in organizations so it's helpful to start the whole definition process with the leadership in the organization.

Leaders have a lot of…


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Diversity Training - 10 Ideas for Leaders

I'm frequently asked by my training clients how they can support diversity and inclusion in their organizations without creating unrest. I’ve found that the key to instituting successful diversity training programs is in our own behaviors. Think about the power you have as a leader to make your business or organization a diverse, welcoming and safe place. You set the rules and tone that guides your entire organization…


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How to Use Your Employees' Skills

We may be sitting on a gold mine when it comes to our employees. Savvy leaders know that they can use their employees' skills to move their organizations forward and look good in the process. See the article I wrote on using your employees' skills. http://bit.ly/cku0qB.

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Doing Some Planning to Reduce Workplace Conflict

Some practical ideas to get rid of workplace conflict at http://bit.ly/cEYK8U.

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I help leaders get rid of conflict.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

A blog entry I wrote on the power of positive thinking. http://professionaltrainer.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/the-power-of-positive-thinking/.

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I help people think positively.

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The Importance of Praise

Many people forget how important it is to praise employees and co-workers. People feel great when you point out that they are doing something well. Praise goes beyond the feeling good part to improving morale, motivation and productivity. Think about it for a moment; would you rather work for someone who praised you or one that never notices you.

Leaders and supervisors benefit greatly from praising their employees. People are willing to do more for you if they think you care. Here… Continue

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Effective Networking Strategies

When I facilitate workshops on networking we talk about some basic ideas that help businesses move forward and network more effectively. Connecting with other businesses and prospective clients greatly increases your chances of success. Here are some practical ideas to boost your networking effectiveness.

* Decide who you should be talking to. Cast a more narrow net of contacts that will really make a difference to your business rather than many who will never be of assistance in any… Continue

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How to Fix Problems

I have facilitated many workshops and coached many people and a common theme that comes up is the idea of fixing things. From an early age, we are taught to confront any problem with a fix. If someone says something to us in our personal or professional life we immediately jump and look for ways to fix it. While I like resolving issues it’s also important to give some importance to just working on things without fixing them. Next time someone comes to you with a problem, consider the following… Continue

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What Are Your Goals for Today?

We can often create changes in our lives by consciously pursuing our goals and dreams. Here's what some smart people have to say about the subject:

Anatole France:

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Carl Sandburg:

Nothing happens unless first we dream.


First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to… Continue

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Empathy and Diversity

One of the key skills that people building diversity programs can benefit from is empathy. This often-used but seldom-understood term is the underpinning of much of the practice of inclusion. It consists of a basic question, "What am I doing today to ensure that I fully understand how another person experiences the world?"

We have a limitless capability to understand others but it requires discipline and putting our own experience of the world on the shelf and stand back an enjoy… Continue

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Change and Diversity

So much of diversity and change has to do with restructuring the way we do things in the workplace to include new ideas and approaches. It's natural for people to become apprehensive when changes occur in the workplace. This could be a new copy machine, a new procedure, a different mission, a change of leadership or changes in the composition of the workforce.

As with anything new, people have a remarkable ability to adapt to any changes. Here are some questions you can ask yourself… Continue

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With 25,000+ members, the National Society for Hispanic Professionals is the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals.



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