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November 2010 Blog Posts (14)

Author Jacquelyn Sylvan wants to share this info with all aspiring novelists!

Follow this link to get information on everything you need to know about writing a book.…

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Writing Jobs




Location Washington DC



Deadline December 1, 2010. Civilian position with the Army.

Stars and Stripes has reported…

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Family histories & journals...

How are you all doing on getting your family histories together? You haven't even started, have you? Maybe you could take one step at a time. To begin, just open a file on your computer, and title it family history and photos. Then, just start dumping stuff in. You can sort it all out later!

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Writing software


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Reporter Connection

Are you getting our Reporter Connection service?

Join for free and every business day you'll

receive email alerts listing stories for which

reporters and producers need expert sources.

USA Today, Chicago Sun-Times, INC. magazine, Marie

Claire, Woman's World and other top outlets have

used us to find experts to…

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Join me in a national cable TV discussion of the Latino vote

Is there a national consensus among Hispanic voters? Did the Latino vote allow the Democrats to keep control of the House? These are some of the topics I will discuss with other guests and callers on "Dialogo de Costa a Costa,"… Continue

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Products for Professionals


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Well You Need't by Carlos Jimenez

Added by Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet on November 17, 2010 at 3:07pm — 2 Comments

Looking for Bilingual Healthcare Marketer ....York PA !!!!!!



QNS Recruiting is currently accepting applications for a Bilingual Marketer. Bilingual Speaking/Writing (Spanish) required. This person will be responsible for developing marketing and program activities for our client. They will also be involved in planning community events to promote the company. A successful candidate must possess a BS Degree or equivalent work related experience. A minimum of 1 year experience in marketing is… Continue

Added by Christine Cantu on November 15, 2010 at 11:58am — No Comments

Solo Falta 1 semana

Solo quiero recordarte que solo falta 1 semana, para que se acabe esta promoción. Estoy celebrando un ciclo mas de vida y lo celebro con este fabuloso descuento.

En que consiste esta oferta: 6 sesiones por el valor de $210.00 dlls

a tan solo $150.00 dlls.

Si no estas usando el poder de la Intención, estas tomando la decisión de quedarte en las mismas condiciones. De cualquier forma…


Added by Isabel Mancias on November 15, 2010 at 11:49am — No Comments

La importancia del Poder de la Intencion

Estoy segura que conoces la importancia de ponerse metas para tener éxito en la vida. Me doy cuenta que la gente que no se pone metas no esta usando el Poder de la Intención y este poder es lo mas grandioso que tienes a tu favor.

Además si no estas usando ese poder, estas tomando la decisión de quedarte en las mismas condiciones. De cualquier forma que estés decidiendo ya sea que decidas “enfocarte en algo que quieres” o navegar sin rumbo, estas tomando una decisión que afecta tu…


Added by Isabel Mancias on November 9, 2010 at 2:45pm — No Comments

Aligning Actions with Values: Set the Example

Yesterday, I was reading an article about the sentencing of a beloved New England city mayor for receiving a bribe while he was in office. The incident in question was committed about three to four years ago by way of him accepting work to be done on his home at a greatly reduced price in exchange for favoritism on contractual bidding for work needing to be done for…


Added by Gil Pizano on November 8, 2010 at 7:36pm — No Comments

Anthropology and Social Policy

I would love to communicate with someone currently working in Sociocultural Anthropology. I am interested in social policy and in pursuing a doctorate related to the need for policy change as we Hispanics continue to drive population growth here in the US.

Added by John Weaver on November 4, 2010 at 3:46pm — No Comments

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