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November 2007 Blog Posts (19)

Fluency in English Increases by Hispanic Generational Status, New Report Claims

In a recent report, Pew Hispanic Center highlights the increase in English ability by generational status in the US. Although less than a quarter of first-generation immigrants claim high command of the English language, the majority of children and grandchildren of immigrants speak English very well.

The surveys show that fewer than one-in-four (23%) Latino immigrants reports being able to speak English very well. However, fully 88% of…


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Ryder System Inc, recognized for Corporate Diversity

Ryder System Inc, has been recognized as one of the "Diversity Elite 60" by Hispanic Business Magazine.

"Ryder's diverse workforce continues to play a central role in contributing to the Company's success and helping Ryder reach its full potential through world-class employees," said Ryder Chairman and CEO Greg Swienton. "It is an honor to be recognized by Hispanic Business magazine for our continuous efforts and leadership in promoting a diverse workforce."

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English Usage Among Latinos in the US

According to the just released report from the Pew Hispanic Center, nearly all Hispanic adults born in the United States of immigrant parents report they are fluent in English. By contrast, only a small minority of their parents describe themselves as skilled English speakers. This finding of a dramatic increase in English-language ability from one generation of Hispanics to the next emerges from a new analysis of six Pew Hispanic Center surveys conducted from 2002 to 2006 among a total of more… Continue

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Fact or Fantasy: Black/Latino Conflicts

The Black-Latino blame game - Finger-pointing between the two minorities is not going to help either group. // By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

One Friday earlier this month, a small but vocal group of black activists turned up at City Hall to blast Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and members of the City Council for failing to work hard enough to prevent violence by Latino gang members against blacks in South Los Angeles.

"You have one race of people exterminating another race of… Continue

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Hispanic Students have Less Access to College-Track Curriculum

Controversial study points out racial disparity in the Alexandria, VA city's schools; administrators object.

When Leslie Auceda was in the sixth grade, her mother arrived at George Washington Middle School for a parent-teacher conference ready to learn about the progress her daughter was making in school. But she did not speak English, so she waited; after an hour and a half of waiting, Leslie’s mother surmised that the teachers were giving preference to the English-speaking parents.… Continue

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Happy Thanksgiving From NSHP

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the National Society for Hispanic Professionals.

Although many Hispanics may not celebrate Thanksgiving, they do set aside this time to spend with their families. Hispanics generally celebrate this day by getting together with family and cooking a elaborate meal, usually with a Hispanic twist. While most American families cook the traditional turkey, Hispanic households make it more of a cultural experience by sharing recipes, throwing on some… Continue

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Children from Hispanic backgrounds have least access to preschool education

According to a recent report from researchers at Rutgers University, Hispanic children lag behind other ethnic groups in access to preschool education. From 1991 to 2005, participation rates increased for all ethnic groups, but Hispanic children had by far the lowest pre-K participation rate. African Americans had the highest participation rates, the study said.

The study's results suggest that lack of access, the report said, not desire or knowledge of the advantages was probably… Continue

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Hispanic Voters Targeted via Batanga.com

Presidental Candidate Barack Obama recently reached out to young Hispanic voters via the popular Hispanic Web portal batanga.com. Senator Obama is the first 2008 Presidential candidate to post a profile on MyBatanga, the social networking portion of the site. As part of the effort to win more Hispanic voters, presidental candidates now recognize the power of the Hispanic vote.

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Hispanic Alzheimer's Patients Live Longer Than Others

According to a study published online Tuesday in the journal Neurology, Black and Hispanic Alzheimer's patients live longer than whites, Asian-Americans and American Indians who have the disease. For the study, scholars analyzed data from between 1984 and 2005 at more than 30 Alzheimer's Disease Centers across the nation. The study included information on more than 31,000 patients ages 65 and older who were diagnosed with possible or probable Alzheimer's disease. Eighty-one percent of patients… Continue

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Some Communities Take Different Approach on Immigration Issue

Larry Hartwig knows what it's like to have constituents ruffled – or downright angry – over their Spanish-speaking neighbors. In Addison, Ill, a middle-class town just outside Chicago where Mr. Hartwig is mayor, roughly one-third of the population is Latino.

"There's a perception that if you have a lot of minorities, it's a bad community," he says. "We have our share of tension."

But instead of taking the route of nearby communities that have enacted laws hostile to… Continue

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Mortgage Applications Declined in 2006

The number of reported mortgage applicants and purchased loans declined overall in 2006 compared with 2005, while significant differences were reported between minority and non- minority borrowers during the same period, according to a new government analysis of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data.

The report from the Federal Reserve, The 2006 HMDA Data, examined aggregated data released by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council regarding mortgage transactions at… Continue

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Children's Shows Lead in Ethnic Diversity

Dora the Explorer greatest adventure is perhaps her continuing mission to introduce young fans to cultural diversity, an element that's as rare as magic coins on grown-up TV.

She's had some help. The presence of minorities in preschool programming dates back to the late '60s, when Gordon and Maria took up residence on "Sesame Street." Roughly half of the most popular shows among 2- to 5-year-olds today feature black, Hispanic or Asian characters in starring roles, including the… Continue

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Positive Employment Gains for the Hispanic Labor Force

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 110,000 more Hispanics were employed in the month of October than in the month of September -- a 0.54 percent increase month-to-month. Employed Hispanic males added 87,000 jobs, or 0.73 percent of the 110,000-job increase. The unemployment rate for Hispanic males stayed unchanged at 4.6 percent (the same rate as in September 2007), but represents a 1.2 percent increase from October a year ago.

Hispanic women gained 15,000 jobs over… Continue

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HACR Young Hispanics Honored

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR)honored 28 young professional executives at its inaugural Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers™ (YHCA) program. Candidates from across the country were nominated by their respective companies and selected after a review of the candidates’ accomplishments, established leadership qualities, industry expertise, education and employment experiences, as well as a demonstrated commitment to their communities.

The candidates are… Continue

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Immigrant Children Paying the Price, New Report Claims

A recent report released by the NCLR looks at the impact of last year's immigration raids on children. For every two workers detained during the raids, one child was directly affected, according to the report.

The study was critical of immigration officials' lack of "sensitivity" to care of these children during and after the raids. Two-thirds of the affected kids were under the age of ten.

NCLR commissioned researchers from the Washington-based Urban Institute to visit… Continue

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Roger Agnelli, CEO, Companhia Vale Do Rio Doce

Roger Agnelli, Chief Executive officer of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce was recognized by Latin Trade Magazine as CEO of the Year. The Latin American Company executive has increased profits and sales as well as developed new international markets for the company. In charge of the world's largest producer and exporter of iron ore and pellets, Agnelli led the company global.

In 2006, Agnelli made the largest purchase over by a Brazilian company through a US $18 Billion tender offer for… Continue

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Hispanic Spending on New Vehicles

Hispanics are buying more new cars and trucks than ever before. In the past two years, Hispanics have spent nearly $22 billion on new vehicles, according to the recently released "Consumer Expenditure Survey, 2005," from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It doesn't look like Hispanics will put the brakes on new vehicle purchases anytime soon, especially since the Hispanic buyer is in general younger than the average purchaser is.

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Make Money On Horse Betting Like The Bookies Without fail.

If you go to a horse racing you will feel the thrill of the resounding hooves echoing away as the colorfully dressed jockeys urge their horses on to victory. But something else, very underlying takes place simultaneously. People are making and losing a lot of money as the horses race. But there are a group of people who, come shine or rain, make money anyway. They are the bookies. They make money whether the favorite horse wins or not. And the punters would like to be in their… Continue

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