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November 2006 Blog Posts (15)

HP 'habla español' in Houston

Hewlett-Packard Co. is expanding its efforts to reach Hispanic consumers in Houston and other heavily Hispanic populated areas.

Looking forward to the upcoming holiday gift-buying season, HP is rolling out Spanish-language product and customer care information for consumers.

The California-based company, which has a substantial Houston manufacturing presence, has developed a Spanish-language Web site, www.hp.com/go/hpahora; a toll-free number, 800-799-6947, supported by… Continue

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PRESS RELEASE, Día de Apreciación de salud al día magazine.

Media Contact:

Carlos Sanchez

Director / C.E.O.,

SALUD al dia magazine

(954) 214 0608

Weston Nov. 21, 2006.

Día de Apreciación de salud al día magazine.

Broward declaró el día 8 de Noviembre, el Día de Apreciación de salud al día magazine.

El pasado 8 de Noviembre, el Vice-Alcalde del condado de Broward Josephus Eggelletion Jr., firmó una Proclama declarando dicha fecha como “Dia de Apreciación de Salud al dia magazine”. Dicha proclama fue… Continue

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Rosa Navejar

As an extension of the Lideres campaign launched in June, Coors Brewing Company recently announced that it will honor Rosa Navejar, president of the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FWHCC), as the 2006 Coors Hispanic Leader of the Year and the FWHCC as the 2006 Coors Hispanic Non-Profit Sponsor of the Year.

Coors will spotlight Navejar's accomplishments in a print ad in Hispanic Magazine in December 2006 and in a short documentary film debuting in 2007. The FWHCC will receive… Continue

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New Hispanic nutrition guidelines promote healthy eating

A Californian nutrition council has published guidelines for Hispanic consumers in an effort to encourage good nutrition amongst the nation’s most unhealthy population.

The nutrition information, published by the Dairy Council of California, places strong, but not exclusive, emphasis on dairy products.

The industry body said it aims to help families make good food choices even when limited by busy time schedules. The recommendations could further prompt the dietary… Continue

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Myths About the Booming Latino Population in South Carolina

Myth No. 1: Latino immigrants want to move to the United States permanently and will remain here unless they are forced to leave.

According to Dr. Elaine Lacy, research director for the Consortium for Latino Immigration Studies at the University of South Carolina, 60 percent of Mexicans plan to return to Mexico, where they prefer to live. They were in the United States to earn money. Only 28 percent of Mexican immigrants indicated they want to remain in the United States and… Continue

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Lillian Acosta

The first recipient of the LatPro-MAES Scholarship, Lillian Acosta is a junior at the University of New Mexico majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in mathematics. Born in Mexico, Lillian came to the U.S. at the age of 10, and she is the first member of her family to attend college. LatPro is happy to be able to help her get one step closer to graduation.

“I am extremely thankful to LatPro for the $2,500 scholarship that I received at the MAES conference in Houston,… Continue

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Blacks vs. Latinos: King Drew Medical Center vs. MLK/Harbor Community Hospital

Race, Politics and L.A. Medical Care

Why did the presumed alliance between Blacks and Latinos never become a reality for King Drew Medical Center? This must be the starting point for the new MLK/Harbor Community hospital.

This new community hospital is a “historically-Black, Latino serving institution.” We all need to respect and honor our past and collaborate, integrate the future. Our political and medical Latino Leadership is poised to walk this journey together-Mano a… Continue

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"Hispanic Food" vs "Hispanic Flavor"

According to "Latin on the Menu: The U.S. Foodservice Market for Hispanic Foods," a recent report by Packaged Facts food preferences of Latinos vary by region. "For example, Hispanics in San Antonio and Dallas are more likely to say they enjoy eating traditional American food, while those living in Los Angeles and Miami are least likely." In fact, 84 percent of Latinos say they enjoy eating traditional Hispanic food.

But what exactly is… Continue

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In Arizona half of Hispanic voters support official English language

PHOENIX (AP) -- About half the Hispanics who voted Tuesday in Arizona supported a successful ballot proposal that makes English the state's official language, according to an exit poll by The Associated Press.

While whites and blacks favored it overwhelmingly, Hispanics and other racial groups were divided over Proposition 103, which also requires that government functions be conducted in English.

Like three other immigration measures on the Arizona ballot, Proposition 103… Continue

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How To Identify Inadequate IT Service Companies: 5 Questions They Hope You Never Ask

In today’s technology dominated world, in can be difficult for small businesses to manage the technology they suddenly require for their business. With a number of service solutions available, it can be very easy to be burned, if you do not know what to look for. Here are the five most important things to look for in any company you contract to look after your business systems.

What type of permissions / access do you require to monitor our machines?

Non-administrative… Continue

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Largest pre-Hispanic calendar shown to the public

Mexico City- The largest and oldest lunar calendar ever found in Mexico was shown to the public for the first time, more than a year after it was discovered in the archaeological site of Tamtoc, in the state of San Luis Potosi, reports said Tuesday. The huge stone monolith from 600 BC weighs 27 tons. It is 8 metres wide and 4 metres tall, and was shown to Mexican media on Monday night by the head of the Tamtoc project Guillermo Ahuja, according to reports on Tuesday.

The calendar… Continue

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Hispanics in the Construction Industry

According to Mike Weiss, past chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), while there are issues and areas of disagreements, Hispanics represent a significant solution to the semiskilled construction labor shortage.

Attention to issues from immigration law reform and enforcement to outreach has been building for several years, but at NAHB it has reached tidal wave proportions. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment of our society and serious… Continue

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Never Enough

Gilbert Gutierrez, a very successful jewelry store owner, and close friend once told me, “James, I don’t love money, I love to make money.”

Now retired and very ill with crippling arthritis, I often marveled how Gilbert, though hardly able to walk at times, could have operated such a successful jewelry business almost all by himself (his wife, who assisted him died at a young age) for many years. Gilbert also revealed to me that though he made lots of money and could afford a house… Continue

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The Underrepresentation of Hispanic Executives in Fortune 1000 Companies in California


My name is Betzaida Arroyo (Betsy) and I'm researching, i.e.,conducting a study and working on a dissertation in fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership through the University of Phoenix.

The purpose of this study is to explore and understand how successful Hispanics in leadership roles describe their lived experiences and to understand the choices and decisions they’ve made that resulted in success, and… Continue

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Puerto Rico Suffering Drain of Professional Workers

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Police officers to Baltimore. Nurses to Florida. Teachers to Las Vegas.

Spanish-speaking professionals and other skilled workers are flocking to the mainland from this U.S. Caribbean territory, lured by better-paying jobs and depriving Puerto Rico of those with the most-needed skills, including doctors.

Puerto Rico has long provided a labor force for the United States, starting in the early 1900s with those who left to work on sugar and pineapple… Continue

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