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November 2004 Blog Posts (22)

Carlos M. Gutierrez

Carlos M. Gutierrez, a Cuban-American who says he has lived the American dream by rising from cereal salesman to chairman and chief executive of the Kellogg Company, was nominated by President Bush to be Secretary of Commerce. Barring something unforeseen, his confirmation seems assured as republicans will have 55 of the 100 seats in the new Senate, and Mr. Gutierrez's personal story is the kind that Republicans and Democrats like to cite as proof that America is truly the land of opportunity.

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New Medicare benefits are helping Hispanic elderly

Washington, DC--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)-- Oct., 2004--“Thousands of Hispanic Medicare recipients are better able to buy their medicines with new Medicare prescription assistance, but thousands more are at risk of not getting this benefit unless they sign up by December 31, 2004,” reports Dr. Jane L. Delgado, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, the nation’s leading Hispanic health advocacy group.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,… Continue

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Need for qualified court interpreters growing in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. -- A Spanish-speaking woman embroiled in a child visitation battle said in court that the father could see their child, but not after 9 o'clock at night. But when a court-appointed interpreter relayed the testimony in English, it came out as a flat refusal to allow any visitation at all.

Luckily the woman understood enough English to say, `That's not what I said,"' said Patricia Michelsen-King of Richmond, a certified court interpreter who was not involved in the… Continue

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Professional associations can get you a job

If you've ever thought that joining a professional association would not help increase your chances of finding a job, consider this: a whopping 79 percent of 1,300 hiring managers and executive recruiters nationwide believe that "applicants who belong to professional organizations are higher-quality candidates. Those who belong to such groups tend to have more experience and education."

That's the finding of a recent study by the American Marketing Association, based in Chicago. And… Continue

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Hispanic agency drops appeal on contract

Broward County's largest Hispanic social service agency abandoned its decision to appeal a $600,000 contract it lost to a Miami-Dade group, clearing the way for the new agency to begin operating.

"We made the decision to withdraw the appeal because we didn't want to further impede our client's ability to access much-needed services," said Josie Bacallao, president of Hispanic Unity and a former vice president of marketing for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "We tried to work with… Continue

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Los Alamos Hispanic homesteaders will receive compensation

AP - LOS ALAMOS — Congress has approved $10 million to compensate Hispanic homesteaders whose land on the Pajarito Plateau was taken for a top-secret government project that grew into Los Alamos National Laboratory.

All but a handful of the homesteaders have died since the World War II Manhattan Project that used their land, but their heirs have battled the federal government for years. The government has denied taking land illegally, but has acknowledged that Hispanic homesteaders… Continue

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Website for Hispanic girls

I am unique, I am Latina. That's the message of Soy Unica! Soy Latina!, a Web site that encourages Hispanic girls to focus on their education and be proud of their heritage. The site, www.soyunica.gov, was created in 2001 by the U.S. government and targets girls ages 9 to 14.

The pages are bright, flashy and fun. Like some other Web sites designed for kids, this one has games, news, polls and quizzes. It also has interviews with well-known Latinas. It has featured 13-year-old… Continue

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Cena en el Barrio 2004

NEW YORK, Nov. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- This December, Coors Brewing Company will team up with one of the Northeast's largest Latino non-profit organizations, Hispanic Federation, for the first time to supply food to New York and New Jersey families in need. The program, Cena en el Barrio, strives to bridge the economic gap during the holiday season by providing food baskets to 1,500 families who are struggling financially.

"Giving back to communities where we do business is something we… Continue

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U.S. retailer settles bias charge

Abercrombie & Fitch, one of the trendiest U.S. retailers, has settled race and sex discrimination lawsuits, agreeing to alter its well-known collegiate, all-American and largely white image by adding more blacks, Hispanics and Asians to its marketing materials.

After a federal judge in San Francisco approved the class-action settlement Tuesday, the two sides announced an agreement that calls for Abercrombie & Fitch to pay $40 million to several thousand minority and female… Continue

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HSBC plans retail banking expansion targeting Hispanics

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Europe's biggest bank will open more branches in New York City and target Hispanic and Asian populations in Florida and California as first steps in the plan, Martin Glynn, president and CEO of HSBC North America, told Reuters. HSBC will also expand Internet banking and make acquisitions to grow geographically, he added.

"We are aspiring to be one of the national financial institutions in the U.S.," Glynn told Reuters in an interview at HSBC's building on… Continue

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Hispanic fathers and sons tour Idaho State University

POCATELLO - Hispanic fathers and sons from Blackfoot came together at Idaho State University's Turner Hall cafeteria Saturday morning for a workshop sponsored by the ISU's Hispanic Task Force. The purpose was to encourage communication and to motivate middle and high school students to strive for higher education.

"A lot of times, parents don't ask how school is going or what their children's goals are," ISU complex director Bobbie Arteaga said.

Arteaga said the task force… Continue

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Hispanic toll in Iraq higher than expected

SAN ANTONIO - AP - The casualty rate for Hispanic Texans in Iraq has been out of proportion for their population or their enlistment rate. That is also the case for Hispanics nationally, although it's not clear why.

Forty of the first 100 Texans killed in the war were Hispanic, a death rate that is about 18 percent higher than their representation in the population. Hispanics comprise just more than one-third of the state's 22.1 million residents, according to the latest census… Continue

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Hispanics becoming formidable economic force

NEW YORK, Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Hispanic households across America will sharply increase both their numbers and economic clout over the next ten years, The Conference Board reports today in a comprehensive new study.

The number of Hispanic households is expected to increase at a faster pace than that of any other group in the United States, continuing a demographic explosion that began several decades ago.

Today's 10 million-plus Hispanic households will soar to 13.5… Continue

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Alberto Gonzales

President Bush named White House counsel Alberto Gonzales as the first Hispanic U.S. attorney general, elevating his top lawyer to help lead the nation's war on terrorism. Gonzales, 49, a confidant of Bush when he was governor of Texas in 1990s, would succeed John Ashcroft as the Bush administration heads into a second term. Republicans and Democrats predict he will be confirmed by the Senate.

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New USHCC Foundation Partnership

The USHCC Foundation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Zalia Cosmetics and The May Department Stores Company created to benefit aspiring Latina entrepreneurs. Zalia Cosmetics is embarking on a nationwide retail launch with the help of the May Department Stores Company. Both Zalia and May have committed revenue of Zalia Cosmetics sales to go to the USHCC Foundation in the form of scholarships for young woman who are looking to study business administration at Hispanic Serving… Continue

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Immigrant entrepreneurs seek opportunity in South Florida

Once it became clear that the 1959 Cuban Revolution had taken a hard turn to the left, many Cubans in the entrepreneurial and managerial classes boarded planes for Miami. It would be a temporary home, they thought, the nearest outpost to their homeland to wait until Fidel Castro was deposed and they could return to take up their lives and businesses.

But after the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, it became obvious that nothing in Cuba was going to change fast.

After that… Continue

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The new immigrant entrepreneurs


It was the weather that taught Caracas-to-Miami transplant Eugenio R. Maslowski his first and most enduring lesson about business survival in a new country.


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Cruise Foundation supports Hispanic community enhancement programs

Contact: Kayce Cherry, Associate Director, Charitable Programs

Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation,(703) 522-3160

Miami, Florida (November 12, 2004) – – As an industry known for creating lifetime memories for their passengers as well as economic opportunities for their major ports of call, the Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation (CICF) is pleased to announce that it provided a grant to support the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) and its Educational… Continue

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Hispanic leader bemoans unemployment

Washington, DC, Nov. 13 (UPI) -- Rep. Ruben Hinojosa, D-Texas, delivering the weekly Democratic Hispanic radio address Saturday, said Hispanics face a health care crisis with 13 million Hispanics without health insurance.

"And, as if this were not enough, an additional 1.3 million people fell out of the middle class and into poverty last year, with paychecks flat and household income down," said Hinojosa. "While annual average incomes remained flat, incomes for Hispanics dropped by… Continue

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Hispanic Marketing Specialists

The Hispanic population in the United States is growing faster than that of any other group, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As Hispanics grow in number, they are also growing in influence on the U.S. economy.

The Hispanic population spends more than $325 billion annually. And with all that money to spend, companies are trying to find new and interesting ways to reach this growing segment.

As a result, many companies are hiring Hispanic marketing specialists --… Continue

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