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October 2007 Blog Posts (20)

NSHP Survey Reveals Hispanic Professionals Shopping Styles

According to a NSHP online survey conducted during the Summer of 2007, the majority of Hispanic professionals tend to care about the relationship between price and quality when they go shopping. In terms of demographic characteristics, 61% of our respondents live in the South or West and almost 90% of respondents are under 50 years old. As expected, over 60% of the Hispanic professionals who answered our survey have an income of $45,000 or higher and are homeowners.…


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Hispanic Stereotypes and Alcohol and Drug Abuse among Rural Youth

Cultural stereotypes about Hispanics could impede Latino youth from seeking help for drug and alcohol abuse. In turn, substance-abuse treatment providers must better understand how their own attitudes toward culture can affect the provision of sufficient behavioral health services, according to a new study.

The study obtained first-hand information from practitioners to propose the development of culturally relevant, quality care for rural adolescent populations that have limited… Continue

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Latin Television Recognizes Increase in Hispanic Consumers

Latin Television Inc., a leading provider of innovative Spanish-language and bi-lingual television programming, is poised to capitalize on the tremendous market opportunity generated by the rapid rise in buying power among U.S. Hispanics.
According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth, estimated Hispanic buying power is at $863.1 billion in 2007, up 8.1% from 2006.

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Hispanic Women Less Likely to Get Checked for Breast Cancer

Like many minorities, a lack of access to care prevents many Hispanic women from getting early screening they need, making breast cancer the biggest cancer killer among that group. Most Hispanic women speak little or no English, so they already have limited access to information. But thanks to a breast health initiative funded by the Komen Foundation, the word about breast cancer is coming to them, not only in their living rooms and churches, but in their native language.

For many… Continue

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Know The Earnings In Paralegal Jobs In The U.S.

Most people are of the opinion that the Paralegal does not earn commensurate wage to the long hours of work associated with paralegal jobs. Be that as it may, the Paralegal profession, according to recent CCN publications, is the 15th profession in the United States with an upward growth statistics. In this article you will learn the true picture of what is available for Paralegals as earnings in Paralegal jobs in the U.S.

Different Earnings For Paralegals And Legal… Continue

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Expulsion of US Mexican Citizens

Check out this video by California State Senator Joe Dunn:


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NSHP San Diego Career Fair Drew in Over 500 Attendees

NSHP hit the San Diego Area for the 2007 Bilingual Diversity Career Fair. Drawing in a crowd of over 500 candidates and taking part in on-site interviews, top companies exhibiting at the event were very pleased with both the selection of candidates and quality of Hispanic Professionals. To view pictures from this event and our other job fairs held in 2007 click here: http://www.nshp.org/image/tid/211.

Check back soon to view the 2008 NSHP Bilingual Diversity Career Fair schedule… Continue

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Hispanic Homeownership Still Strong

Some real estate experts anticipate that Latinos will be the engine that's going to drive the recovery in the troubled housing market.

As a rapidly growing population with increasing purchasing power, Latinos will represent 40 percent of new homebuyers in the next 20 years, according to the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.

Various factors, such as low interest rates and increasing income, have contributed to a rapid jump in the rate… Continue

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TODAY - Career Fair in San Diego

Companies like Walt Disney, eBay, Cisco and Citibank among others will be interviewing today from 10 am to 3 pm at the NSHP Career Fair, that will take place at the San Diego Hall of Champions, within Balboa Park (2131 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101).

If you are you bilingual and you live in the San Diego area you should join us today at the NSHP San Diego Bilingual Professional Career Fair. This is your opportunity to meet with top quality employers seeking diversity in… Continue

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White House Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

On Wednesday October 10th, President Bush welcomed the former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the U.S. treasurer and wife of a Cuban political prisoner, amongst other attendees, to the White Houses' celebration of Hispanic Heritage month.

"Every year at this time, we recognize the rich cultural traditions of the Hispanic-American community - and the great contributions of Hispanic-Americans to our country and our character. That's why we're here," Bush said.

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More Hispanic Students Prepared For College

More Hispanic high-school students were prepared for college in 2006 than they were just four years earlier, according to a report released by ACT.

Hispanic high-school graduates who took the college-admissions test in 2006 had, on average, higher combined scores than those who took it in 2002, and they also scored higher, on average, in each of the test’s subject areas — English, mathematics, reading, and science.

The average scores increased even as 19,026 more Hispanic… Continue

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Judge Honored by Hispanic Lawyers

Some of the city's best and brightest Hispanic lawyers were at the Belo Mansion on Wednesday to honor U.S. District Judge Barefoot Sanders for his 60 years of public service.

Most of the 400-plus attending the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association's second annual scholarship banquet raised their hands when asked how many had been sworn in to practice in federal court by the legendary jurist.

For this powerful impact on the city's history and residents, the organization gave the judge… Continue

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Spanish-speaking Jobseekers in Demand for 2008

A recent survey of U.S. hiring managers and human resource professionals suggests that Spanish-speaking job candidates will be in especially high demand by employers within the next year.

The online survey was conducted by an online job search site for the Hispanic community. It found that 48% of hiring managers are hiring Spanish-speaking job candidates in 2007 and 2008.

When asked which segment of diverse workers they will be looking to hire, a good number say they plan… Continue

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Jennifer Vasquez, Who's Who in the World 2007.

Jennifer Vasquez of Miami, was recognized for the 2007 Who's Who in the World. Jennifer who is among a list of past recipients that include Madeline Albright and other great leaders is a Hispanic of Salvadoran descent. She was selected for her dedication and service to the community, for local and international efforts and for her accomplishments thus far. Jennifer is currently at Holland & Knight in Miami and sits on a number of local community boards. A congratulations to her.

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Hispanic Entrepreneurship And The Road Traveled

What sets Hispanic entrepreneurs apart from other enterprising small-business owners? The very reason they decide to become entrepreneurs is a big factor.Most Hispanics start their own businesses out of necessity, according to Louis Barajas, a small-business consultant and author of Small Business, Big Life.

"Most Hispanics aren't paid enough in major urban areas to have a decent life. They want to help their family live a better life, so they take a risk and start their own… Continue

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The Hispanic Vote: A Rise in Numbers

The Hispanic community is the fastest-growing minority group in the United States, according to the U.S. census.But its percentage of the electorate is lower than its numbers as a whole because of lower citizenship rates, less voter participation and a youthful demographic.

But all that's changing. The Pew Hispanic Center estimated that the percentage may grow from 8.6% even more by 2008 as a result of citizenship drives, get-out-the-vote campaigns and the natural growth of the… Continue

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Hispanics and Health Risk Factors

Many studies report that Hispanics in the United States have better or similar health to that of non-Hispanic Whites, despite Hispanics having lower incomes and less education. Most studies that examine differences in adult mortality find that Hispanics have relatively lower mortality rates compared with Whites. This better than-expected health and mortality of Hispanics, given their lower socioeconomic status (SES), has been called the Hispanic paradox.

Researchers at the University… Continue

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How To Forget A Divorce Attorney In New York And Save Your Marriage.

It may seem that a divorce attorney in New York is a buzz word with couples whose marriages are not healthy, but tens and thousands of marriage difficulties have become resolved by couples who had the opportunity of reading a special marriage counselor book you can find online. This simple English book has helped to make more successful marriages than divorces. Your marriage should be amongst the successful if you read this extraordinary book.

Some marriages fail and couples go… Continue

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Jose A. Diaz

Jose A. Diaz, president of Florida-based defense contractor DEI Services Corporation was recognized by U.S. Small Business Administration as Minority Small Business Person of the Year during the 24th National Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week conference in Washington. Diaz received top honors for his superior business achievements.

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NSHP Diversity Career Fair A Success In Washington, D.C.

Proven to be a huge hit amongst exhibitors and candidates, the NSHP 2007 Washington, D.C. job fair, hosted over 500 candidates and 60+ employers. After a full day of on-site interviews and Q&A sessions, NSHP exhibitors were pleased to see positions being filled and potential hires were scheduled for second interviews. To view pictures from this event and our other job fairs held in 2007 click here: http://www.nshp.org/image.

Interested in attending the next NSHP Job Fair? Join us… Continue

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