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October 2006 Blog Posts (31)

Opinion: Where does one find wisdom?

"Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who embrace her; those who lay hold of her will be blessed."

-Proverbs 3:13-18

After taking an early… Continue

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My Wife’s Menopausal Experience and Total Freedom, Afterwards.

Natural Menopause Relief Secrets.

My wife has just come out of menopause, at 51. She has entered the glory of graceful aging, now that all problems of menopause are over for her. She feels brand new and it shows in her color, attitude and receptiveness.

If you are right now in the age range of 45, below or above and feeling stranger than usual, do not panic. Symptoms of menopause are not pleasant, but are manageable. The word is manageable, not treatable – menopause is not a… Continue

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Risks for Cancer Among Latinos Varies According to National Origin

U.S. Latinos have lower rates of several cancers that are higher in affluent, industrialized countries where tobacco use, obesity, and physical inactivity may be more prevalent.

The American Cancer Society, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Cancer Institute, and North American Association of Central Cancer Registries collaborate annually to provide U.S. cancer information, this year featuring the first comprehensive compilation of cancer information for U.S.… Continue

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Latina Media entrepreneur will be "vlogging" at Oxygen

Starting on Nov. 7, Election Day 2006, Latina media entrepreneur Cathy Areu will be joining the Oxygen Network as it’s new headline news “vlogger,” hosting a daily video blog on the woman’s network’s web site www.oxygen.com. Described as a “younger and female Andy Rooney”, Cathy Areu will be ranting about daily news stories which affect the average woman, Latina, Latino, dog, cat, child and U.S. citizen from coast to coast.

Cathy is… Continue

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Take A Look At Paralegal Degree Jobs

Online Paralegal Degree Programs.

A Look at Paralegal Jobs

You and I shall in this article look at Paralegals' jobs and determine what is it that necessitates the need for a paralegal in a law firm or the legal departments of organizations and firms.

Now, let us assume that you are a newly qualified paralegal; your job, basically, will be to support lawyers in organizing the massive amounts of paperwork law offices generate. And since this will go a long way to… Continue

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Attorneys Online

Online Paralegal Degree Programs can pave your way to law school!

Attorneys Online

Conservative lawyer, is that what you are?

Well, why do I ask you that, lawyers are known to be conservative in nature or should I say training. Which accounts for why even though the restrictions on law firm advertising have been lifted in many states, most law firms continue to go without advertising?

However, even though advertising is a relatively recent development in… Continue

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Less Than A Third of Hispanics Have At Least $5,000 Saved For Retirement

AP - NEW YORK, Seven in 10 Hispanic adults have saved less than $5,000 toward retirement, according to a study released Tuesday by the Latino Coalition and Americans for Secure Retirement.

The Latino Coalition is a nonprofit group that looks at policy issues related to Hispanics in the United States, and Americans for Secure Retirement is a coalition of ethnic and insurance groups that encourage the use of annuities to fund retirement. Both are based in Washington, D.C.

It… Continue

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How To Choose The Right Paralegal Courses

Online Paralegal Degree Programs

Choosing the Right Paralegal Courses SUCCESSFULLY

Your intention to become a paralegal must be hinged on choosing the right paralegal courses. After all your ultimate goal is to after your training get a good job where you will among other things, including competence, find job satisfaction.

So it is best for you to go for a paralegal bachelor's degree program, which will prepare you to professionally assist lawyers or corporations and… Continue

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Opinion: Why I vote?

I’m sure some of you remember what occurred just a couple of years ago, when Iraqis who voted for the first time in their lives, held up while smiling, a purple (I think) thumb signifying that they had cast their vote to elect new Iraqi leaders to govern their country. To many Americans who take voting for granted, and sadly, don’t even bother to vote, the smiling faces of those Iraqis in the news probably didn’t moved them one bit.

I’m one of those individuals who only if I were in… Continue

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The Hunt of Talents

By Juan J Miret

Talent: An intrinsic aptitude.

Or according to a more strict description is considered like a potential. It’s in the sense that a person has a series of characteristics or aptitudes who can or not get to develop, or to unfold them to a greater rate or smaller based on diverse variables.

Today business world, the talent has become synonymous of "Creative Being", which can be natural or learned.

During the decade of the 90’s, in the United… Continue

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The Secret Formula For Acquiring A Natural Potent Weapon For Winning People Over

You must be aware that appearance is key to getting attention from other people, especially those from whom you require favor or business. Now don’t think just about your mode of dressing. Of course I agree that it is very important that you dress well, but note that the very first thing that works either for or against you is your smile, enhanced or diminished by the color of your set of teeth.

I am right.

If you agree with me as you should, then your smile delivery is… Continue

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NAHJ frustrated by the lack of Latinos on the network evening newscasts

Washington, D.C. - The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is once again frustrated by the lack of coverage of Latinos on the network evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC.

In its 11th annual Network Brownout Report released today, NAHJ found that out of an estimated 12,600 stories aired on the network evening newscasts in 2005, only 105 stories, or 0.83 percent, were exclusively about Latinos. This was a slight increase from 2004 when stories about Latinos comprised 0.72… Continue

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Sending Money Home

New research findings released on October 18, 2006 by the Inter-American Development Bank estimate that 12.6 million immigrants are sending money home on a regular basis. Around $45 billion in remittances will be transferred this year from the United States to Latin America. Even though this represents a $15 billion increase from the 2004 figures and it constitutes a tremendous source of income for Latin American countries, the survey suggests that around 90 percent of the money earned by Latin… Continue

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Immigrant Voter Intimidation in Orange County- Legal or Illegal ?

Mailer targets immigrants - State Attorney General promises aggressive investigation into voter intimidation.


State Attorney General Bill Lockyer has launched what he calls an "aggressive" investigation into a mysterious mailer sent to Latino voters in Orange County warning them it's illegal for immigrants to vote.

The mailer – sent on letterhead from the California Coalition for Immigration Reform – warns voters in Spanish that those who… Continue

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Latino Executives Hard to Find

Employers are agressively seeking bilingual and bicultural professionals to fill executive level positions. Prime candidates are meant to be not only experienced professionals or MBAs but also Latino market savvy.

According to the Census Bureau, less than 7% of Hispanic men and 8% of Latinas are employed in management and business operations occupations. Besides the small pool of candidates, few new prospects turn up as not many Hispanics are earning graduate/professional degrees… Continue

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Latino Med Policy Institute Request Audit of Medical Board of California Disciplinary Actions Re: Black and Latino Physicians

Oct. 16, 2006 - Latino Med Policy Institute - Robert A. Beltran, M.D., M.B.A., FACMQ, CHCQM, FAIHQ

To : Honorable Assemblyman Dymally


It has been brought to the attention of the Institute that over the past several years a growing perception by African American and Latino physicians of disproportional and disparate Disciplinary Actions by the MBC.

Minority physicians take care of a disproportionate number of high service intensity and high… Continue

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Banking on Us: Financial Literacy in the Hispanic Community

The rapidly increasing Hispanic population in the U.S. generates billions of dollars every year. Marketers take a look at Latinos’ purchasing power and then identify niche markets in hopes of making big profits. According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth, Latinos spent proportionally more on groceries, telephone services, furniture and major appliances than non-Latinos. It seems safe to assume that this spending pattern is due to the fact the Hispanic households are larger on average… Continue

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A Square Tear...

By Juan J Miret

68 years have passed of that sad event in the beach of La Perla, in the city of Mar de Plata, which, an amazing poetess, spilled her last tear, but square...

Alfonsina Storni, lived at a time at which the feminine speech more than unknown was unacceptable. She was of the greatest, among others like Mistral, Loynaz, Vaz Ferreira, Agustini or De Ibarbourou.

Alfonsina, was born far from America, in the Swiss corner of the Ticino, in Capriasca in… Continue

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Large-scale Hispanic Community Health Study to Begin in Four Cities

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced on October 12 the most ambitious long-term epidemiological study of health and disease of the Hispanic population in the United States. The study will focus on those who identify themselves as Hispanics or Latinos, but will emphasize Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Central/South Americans.

The Hispanic Community Health Study will address a wide variety of conditions, including heart disease, stroke, asthma,… Continue

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Opinion: Are Unions Necessary? (Part II)

When I was a freshman in high school, Rudy Martinez, a close friend, was a senior. When I graduated in 1956, Rudy was still a senior.

Rudy had difficulty in some subjects: English, history, and math. How I laughed when Rudy would tell me that he became a senior with credits he accrued in physical education, and auto shop. After I graduated, Rudy was still a senior, and unable to graduate with the required credits, he quit school.

Shortly thereafter, Rudy and I went to work… Continue

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