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September 2007 Blog Posts (16)

Get First Hand Information On Paralegal Jobs

Paralegal jobs are unique jobs. Support for attorneys to help them do their jobs effectively has always been there from the inception of Law firms. Considering the massive paper work involved in the legal business and the present day Paralegal being well trained in legal matters, a paralegal is an invaluable asset for any serious Law firm.

However the Paralegal job is not limited to the Law firms. Paralegals can find Paralegal jobs in Corporations, Government Agencies and None… Continue

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Hispanic Heritage Month - An Identity in Question

If you’re a Hispanic voter, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson has something personal he wants to share with you: He’s Hispanic, too. Don’t let his Anglo name fool you, the Governor of New Mexico insists. His mother is Mexican. And that, Richardson believes, makes him Hispanic. Or does it? With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, it’s worthwhile to consider just what “Hispanic” really means.

Like Governor Richardson, some argue that being Hispanic is something passed… Continue

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Uncle Sam Wants You to Join the Federal Government

Unlike African Americans, Asian Americans and Native Americans, Latinos are still underrepresented in the federal workforce, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Despite the government's efforts, Latino representation in the federal workforce rose just two-tenths of a percentage point from 2005 to 2006.

Historically, minorities have found federal employment a road to opportunity. The proportions of African Americans, Asian Americans and Native Americans… Continue

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Immigrant Medicaid Costs Overblown, Doctors say

Medicaid is not available to undocumented immigrants, but Emergency Medicaid is available in some circumstances, including child birth.

In Almance County, North Carolina, Medicaid paid for a little more than 37 births a month to illegal aliens in 2006, according to the county Department of Social Services. That cost about $1.5 million for the year, about $80,000 of which the county pays.

That comes to nearly 40 percent of what Medicaid pays for all child births in Alamance… Continue

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Minorities a Majority in Urban US

Whites are now in the minority in one third of America's most populous counties and, overall, outnumbered in nearly one in 10 of the nation's 3,141 counties, according to new analysis of census data.

The shift reflects the increasing diversity of the US, the result of immigration particularly from Central and South America and the higher birth rate among blacks and Hispanics.

In 2000, according to the Census Bureau, whites were in a minority in 262 US counties, up from 183… Continue

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Best Selling Latino Author Addresses Corporations and Media at the USHCC Event in Puerto Rico

Best selling author and journalist, Joachim de Posada received Latino Speakers Bureau Award and addressed corporations and media at the USHCC event press conference with Hispanic publishers in Puerto Rico.

Los Angeles, CA (NSHP) September 23, 2007 -- Best selling author, journalist and international motivational speaker Joachim de Posada addressed corporate representatives and media partners attending the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 28th Annual National Convention at a press… Continue

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Hispanic Teens Affected Less By Divorce

A recent study found that many Hispanic adolescents in the United States aren't as affected by the divorce of their parents, because their life situation is already poor.

"For many Hispanic adolescents, their life situation is already poor before their family dissolves -- there may not be much further for them to drop," says co-author of this study,Yongmin Sun of Ohio State University.

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U.S. Health Initiative Targets Aging Hispanics

TUESDAY, Sept. 11 (HealthDay News) -- A U.S. federal effort aimed at boosting the health of Hispanic seniors, especially when it comes to diabetes care, is set to launch in eight communities nationwide.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are sponsoring the new HHS Hispanic Elders Health Initiative.

The project developed in response to findings from the National Healthcare Disparities Report 2006… Continue

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Hispanic Heritage Month Explores Hispanic Culture

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15, the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries—Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico declared its independence on September 16, and Chile on September 18.

Celebrated for just a week, it wasn't until 1989 that the recognition evolved into a month-long celebration. President Ronald Reagan called it an “honor well deserved” and further expanded the celebration in 1988 by… Continue

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Behavioral Interviews: Success Strategies for Hispanic and Bilingual Job Seekers

Behavioral interviews are hands-down the most popular type of job interviews conducted today, and you are at a serious disadvantage if you don’t know how to handle these types of questions. Learn what employers want to hear and how you can use your Hispanic background to your advantage in this type of interview.

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How Far Would You Go for a Job?

A Spanish-Argentinian co-production just released on DVD, called 'The Method' presents a very interesting dilemma: how far would yo go for a new job?

The story centers around… Continue

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Dr. France A. Cordova

Dr. France A. Cordova, President of a major U.S. University and pioneering Hispanic woman, was named 11th president of Purdue University in May of this year. Becoming the first Hispanic woman to lead the West Lafayette, Indiana campus, she plans to "Embrace Diversity". Cordova became the first Hispanic woman to ever lead a University of California campus in 2002. She was was instrumental in establishing numerous diversity programs at UC Riverside. Her efforts were both noticed and appreciated… Continue

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Today - NSHP Career Fair in Washington DC

NSHP is hosting today, Thursday 27 our first bilingual professional career fair in Washington DC. The event will run from 10am to 3pm at The Trinity Center, at the Trinity College. With over 50 registered exhibitors, don't miss out on this great opportunity to interview on site with top companies seeking diversity and bilingual professional candidates in all functional areas.

Like all NSHP career fairs, this event is FREE for job seekers, simply bring your resumes and come dressed in… Continue

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Top Schools for Hispanic Students

According to the September issue of Hispanic Business magazine, the top schools for Hispanic students seem to vary according to school of degree. In this issue, the magazine ranks the top schools by the following areas: medical, law, engineering, and business.

Ranked among these schools, is Stanford University, which came in at no. 1 for the best business school for Hispanic Students. Stanford also came in at no. 2 in the medical school catergory following the no. 1 slot which was… Continue

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Finish for Kids

I am writing to reach out for your support, advice and/or suggestion to support a worthy cause.

As a father of three, I was devastated when I read a recent tragic story of a 6-year old boy fatally beaten in a dosmestic disturbance. His mother who fought courageously to save his life was critically injured.

I could not imagine anything worst as a parent. My heart goes to Sandra Ruiz, who was a wonderful mother and would do anything for her son, Sev'n Molina… Continue

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Latino Internet TV host- LatinoMed Journal- Channel #7

CalMagazine.com - The First All Latino Internet TV

A Subsidiary of America's Channel.com

www.calmagazine.com (info@calmagazine.com)

About CalMagazine.Com

CalMagazine.com is in fact Internet Television, and is the first all Latino Internet TV providing access to Latino culture, influences, history, and leadership. Established and launched in 2005, it is owned and operated by the Perez Family under the corporate name of America's Channel.com. It was founded… Continue

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