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September 2006 Blog Posts (17)

Strong Gains in Employment for Hispanics

According to the last release from the Pew Hispanic Center, the Hispanic unemployment rate reached a historic low of 5.2% in the second quarter of 2006.

The gap between the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rates for Latinos and non-Latinos was just 0.6 percentage points--the smallest since 1973, when employment data on Latinos first became available. Wages for Latino workers also rose between the second quarters of 2005 and 2006, and at a faster rate than for other workers. Those… Continue

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Blocking for Grandma

As I read in the newspaper, see on TV, and hear on the radio, individuals complaining and whining about our involvement in our country’s global fight against Islamic fascist terrorism, I wonder if Americans still have what it takes to sacrifice as we confront the enemies of this Great Nation.

Having seen our country and family members go off to war since the 1940s, I marveled how Americans, at least when I was a young boy, during World War II really made great sacrifices both at home… Continue

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Our differences at work (part IV)

By Roger Knight

Growing up, you acknowledged the great sacrifices your parents made as you tried to do your best in school. From early on, you learned to navigate between two languages, two cultures as either your parents, grandparents or other relatives spoke only Spanish at home. You managed to go to college and obtained your degree, and after starting your first professional position, you thought you had finally made it. You have been able to conquer, albeit sometimes more… Continue

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Cultural Relevance Brings Hispanic Population to the Web

Hispanic Internet users in the U.S. seek out culturally relevant content and tools, and have multi-language usage habits. The "AOL Latino 2006 Hispanic Cyberstudy," conducted by Synovate for AOL, looks at how this demographic segment uses the Internet.

Within the U.S., the online Hispanic population numbers over 16 million, or 55 percent of the total Hispanic population. Among those 16 million, 77 percent have broadband access.

"Last year, we saw the audience was already… Continue

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Alexander R. Chaparro

The Chicago Association of REALTORS (C.A.R.), the “Voice for Real Estate™” will install its first Latino as president in the 124-year history of the Association. Alexander R. Chaparro, the Association’s 2006/2007 president, is a 14-year veteran of the real estate industry who aside from his practice, advocates fair housing and minority homeownership.

Chaparro is the founder and president of Hudson Street Realty located in Chicago’s Logan Square community. C.A.R. brings together… Continue

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A Statistical Portrait of Hispanics

The Pew Hispanic Center has released the most up-to-date compilation of statistics on the Latino population in the United States, based on the Center’s tabulations of the 2005 American Community Survey, which was fully implemented by the Census Bureau for the first time this year.

The 2005 ACS, released August 29, 2006, has a sample of about 3 million addresses and the statistical portrait includes 32 tables on the social, economic and housing characteristics of Hispanics and other… Continue

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Lorena Hernandez

The former Kaitz Foundation Executive, Lorena Hernandez was named Director of Communications for Comcast in its Bay Area Region in California. She serves as one of Comcast's public relations experts focused on media and community relations.

Hernandez joins Comcast, and returns to the cable industry, after serving as the head of a communications and community development department for a San Francisco based real estate development management consulting firm. She brings more than 18… Continue

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Integration of Mexican Community Vital to Region's Economy, New Report Finds

The Chicago region's future economic growth and Chicago's status as a first-tier global city will greatly depend on how well it integrates its growing Mexican community, a group of prominent business and civic leaders said today.

A report published by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs calls for an unprecedented partnership among all levels of government, business, nonprofit agencies, and all parts of the Mexican community to realize the potential of Mexican immigrants and their… Continue

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Millions and Millions of Lies...

By Juan J Miret

"Between all the forms of inequality, the injustice in the health system is outrageous and cruel". Martin Luther King, Jr.

The U.S. Department of Health & Care System, indicated in 2001, that there were 42 million American citizens without access to the minimum resources of health.

Years later, in 2003, World Health Organization (WHO) showed that there were 51 million Americans without medical protection.

More recently, in 2004,… Continue

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Introducing www.educationregistry.com

Education Registry Service Launches Website That Allows Engaged Couples and Parents to Create Gift Registries to Fund The Rising Cost of Education.

New York, NY – September 17, 2006 – Education Registry announces the launch of its website, www.EducationRegistry.com. This website provides a convenient and meaningful way for couples and parents to create gift registries that will allow their loved ones to contribute towards past, present and/or future educational… Continue

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Most mainstream Americans miss the point of Governor Arnold’s "hot" comments

Public reaction to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s widely publicized comments regarding “hot” Puerto Ricans and Cubans reveals the astonishing misconceptions held by most U.S. citizens about the real identity of Latin Americans. Here is what the governor said (complete with grammatical imprecision):

“Puerto Rican are the same thing as Cuban. I mean, they’re all very hot. They have the, you know, part of the black blood in them and part of the Latino blood in them.”

Public… Continue

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Massey Villarreal

Massey Villarreal has been re-appointed as Chair-Elect of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the elections held in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Villarreal is CEO and President of Precision Task Group, Inc, a computer-consulting firm that provides data processing solutions to public and private sector firms.

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Our differences at work (NSHP survey part III)

By Roger Knight

You might be guilty of it: your “relaxed” approach to time, your strong sense of cultural heritage and pride, and your unrelenting loyalty to your family. No, I am not stereotyping, but for many Latinos some of these characteristics remain the only way in which non-Hispanics see them.

Members of the Hispanic professional community bravely break the mold and dismiss negative Latino/a stereotypes throughout their careers. Successful Hispanic professionals are… Continue

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Guilty by Association

As the sordid saga of the Rev. (?) Terry Hornbuckle, (a minister in Fort Worth who was sentenced to 15 years for raping three women of his congregation) unfolded almost daily in the news, I, as a Catholic, can identify with the frustration, sadness, and shame, the family and congregation of this despicable and supposed religious leader brought upon himself, his family, and his church members, who put their trust in him. It is my belief that Mr. Hornbuckle’s escapades, along with other religious… Continue

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Higher mortgage rates for Hispanics

WASHINGTON -- Hispanic and Black home buyers pay higher mortgages rates than do whites, according to a Federal Reserve report Friday. The analysis of 2005 home lending data found that 54.7 percent of black borrowers paid a higher-than-typical interest rate on home mortgages. That was up sharply from 32.4 percent in 2004.

For Hispanics, 46.1 percent paid more than typical rates for their mortgages last year -- more than double the 20.3 percent reported in 2004.

In contrast,… Continue

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Latinos in Texas not so valuable for the next elections

While in 2002 most candidates were trying to conquer the Latino vote, this time candidates seem to be less interested in seducing the Hispanic population.

AUSTIN - Hispanic voters were golden in the 2002 governor's race, but even a record Latino turnout couldn't bring victory to Laredo businessman Tony Sanchez against Republican incumbent Rick Perry.

This time around, Texas' 2.7 million registered Latino voters are almost invisible.

Candidates are not regularly… Continue

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USA, a satellite of Israel?

By Juan J Miret

Rusk Dean, Secretary of State of Kennedy and Johnson, pronounced the following words:

"Israel has demonstrated over and over again that it is not a satellite of the United States. It is equally important to demonstrate that the United States is not a satellite of Israel”.

More forceful still, the phrase said in 1973 by one of the patriarchs of the Senate, William Fulbright: "The great majority of the Senate of the United States, around an eighty… Continue

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