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July 2008 Blog Posts (17)

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LatPro Profile: Osram Sylvania

Osram Sylvania's Manager of Talent Acquistion, Maureen Crawford shares her insight on Diversity Recruiting. In this interview, Crawford explains how candidates can use their their language and cultural skills to their best advantage, what challenges recruiters face when recruiting Hispanic employees, and what initiatives exist to help the current workforce value diversity.

This profile is just one of many in the Latpro article series. Established in 1997, LatPro is the worldwide… Continue

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Capitol Hill Launch of U.S. Business and Hispanic Integration

Senator Ken Salazar, Representative Michael Honda, and other congressional leaders joined high-ranking corporate representatives to speak on the importance of achieving greater integration of Hispanics within the United States. Speakers stressed the fact that integration is both a challenge and an opportunity. Above all, it is a pressing issue for the U.S. economy, society and politics.

The new initiative released by Americas Society and Council of the Americas, demonstrates a… Continue

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An Update on The Hispanic Outreach

According to the Washington Post, the DNC and the Obama campaign will pour $20 million into Hispanic outreach in battlegrounds with high Latino populations. Targets will include industrial battlegrounds with sizable Hispanic populations. Places on the list include: Florida; Western states such as Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico; and Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.The money will be spent on niche advertising and other outreach, along with mobilization efforts aimed at identifying, registering… Continue

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LatPro Interview Series Explores Diversity Recruiting

In a new series of articles for LatPro.com, human resource executives from Fortune 500 companies provide valuable insight into diversity in corporate America. LatPro’s interview series gives HR professionals and minority jobseekers an inside perspective into the methods used by America’s most prestigious employers to successfully promote diversity within their organizations.

These HR managers and talent officers also address the need for bilingual and Hispanic employees in today’s… Continue

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Have You Joined the NSHP Network Yet?

The NSHP networking website is very user-friendly as you will see for yourself when you take a minute to join. We wanted to make it easier for you to tell your own stories and to meet other like-minded professionals. This is a great place for you…

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Not Many Latinos in STEM Careers

The lack of Latino participation in science, technology, engineering, and math is so worrisome. American ingenuity, the foundation for our economic strength, has always been the product of our rich and diverse heritage. With the country’s growing Latino population, we have the classic paradox of challenge and opportunity.

There is much worry today about America’s competitiveness and the future of the U.S. economy. The real wealth generator in the current global economy is innovation,… Continue

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U.S. Latinos May Get a National Museum of Their Own

Hispanics colonized the New World, discovered Florida, fought for the United States in every major war, shaped cities like Miami and Los Angeles and have become a sought-after electorate.However, no national museum exists to tell their story exclusively. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, hopes that will change in a few years.

Ros-Lehtinen is the lead Republican sponsor of a bill recently passed by Congress that paves the way for the National Museum of the American Latino. The bill creates a… Continue

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Welcome to the new NSHP networking website!

For years, we have been thinking about how to upgrade the NSHP website to make it more user-friendly. We wanted to make it easier for you to tell your own stories and to meet other like-minded professionals -- and we think we have done it. So please give it a test drive and let us know how we can improve this website for you! Your…


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Hispanic leaders eager to 'referee debate'

The president of the National Council of La Raza says the group will serve as referee for the immigration debate and back it up with what members expect will be record Hispanic voter turnout in November. Janet Murguia, president and CEO, announced letters had been sent to both presidential campaigns asking the candidates to denounce those in their own party who she said have injected "hate" into the issue by campaigning against illegal immigrants.

The letter already paid off when… Continue

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Jeff Valdez New Chairman of the Board of QuePasa Corporation

Media Pioneer Jeff Valdez, who has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career in Hispanic media, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of long-standing Internet company QuePasa Corporation. Valdez, who also serves on the boards Maya Entertainment and Si TV, has been recognized as one of the Top 50 marketers in America by Advertising Age and one of the top 10 players in the Hispanic media market by Market Age publication. The National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in… Continue

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MasterCard Launches New U.S. Hispanic Marketing Campaign

This month, MasterCard launched an integrated Hispanic marketing campaign featuring a 30-second Priceless television execution entitled, “Luchador.” The brand also re-launched mastercardenespanol.com, its Spanish language U.S. consumer website. Luchador follows a Hispanic wrestler, leveraging the Mexican tradition of Lucha Libre wrestling, as he utilizes his credit and debit MasterCard cards to pay for beauty services that keep the retro icon’s style current. Luchador hit the airwaves across… Continue

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Free Roofing Estimates in Vista California

San Marcos Roofing is a Hispanic owned business that needs referrals because we have families to support as well as you do. This business is owned by very reputable individual named Efrain Sandoval and He has 20 years of experience repairing, replacing and installing new roofs. I know business is slow everywhere, but I am asking you to consider giving him a call if you need an estimate anywhere in San Diego. His phone number is (760) 519-7835

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2008 National Hispanic Heritage Youth Award Recipients Announced

On Wednesday, July 9, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) will be joined by national business and community leaders to honor seven high school seniors from across America and an outstanding teacher for their extraordinary leadership in the classroom and community as part of the 2008 National Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards Ceremony.HHF also will present CSI Miami Star Adam Rodriguez with the Inspira Award for serving as a role model to Latino youth in the public eye.

The 2008… Continue

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Few Latino and African American students are enrolling in graduate programs

According to a

recently released study,”African American and Latino Enrollment Trends among Medicine, Law, Business, and Public Affairs Graduate Programs,”few Latino and African American students are enrolling in medicine, law, business, and public affairs graduate programs. This is due in part to a low number of high school graduates among these ethnic groups and the… Continue

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Hispanics Dying on Job at Higher rates than others

Hispanics Dying on the Job at higher Rates than others, was the rather daunting headline of an article written in the USA Today on June 6th 2008 and posted on this website.

The article went on to satet that between 1992- 2006, 11,000 workers had lost their lives.

As a response to statistics such as theseand others I am intersted in any input members may have as to how best to conatct large groups and associations that represent Hispanic workers.

My orginisation… Continue

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Should local police enforce immigration laws?

By Raul Ramos y Sanchez

On the surface, checking the immigration status of anyone a police officer questions sounds like a sensible policy. But Los Angeles Police Department Chief William J. Bratton does not agree. Chief Bratton strongly supports the LAPD’s Special Order 40 – a policy in place since 1979 that prohibits LAPD officers from initiating contact with people for the sole purpose of learning their immigration status.

According to Chief Bratton, Special Order 40 is… Continue

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