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June 2004 Blog Posts (27)

Cuban Americans protest the new travel restrictions

Miami, FL--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--The Cuban American Commission for Family Rights, a broad-based coalition of Cuban Americans from across the country, denounces the new governmental restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba as cruel, detrimental to family bonds, and contrary to universal human rights principles and American concepts of freedom and family values.

The new restrictions, which go into effect today, reduce the frequency of family visits permitted from one a year to once… Continue

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Latino students less likely to complete B.A.s

A new study from the Pew Hispanic Center finds that the white/Latino gap in finishing college is larger than the high school completion gap. The study reveals that Latino undergraduates are at a disadvantage in competing for college degrees because of two important factors: many Hispanic undergraduates disproportionately enroll on campuses that have low bachelor’s degree completion rates, and they have different experiences than white students even when they enroll on the same… Continue

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How much does it cost for Latino immigrants to send money back home? -Part II-

I read your article about "How much does it cost...?" and wanted to give you my input of how I solved this situation. The answer is spelled A-T-M. You can use an ATM card anywhere in the world, and the local bank will give you the money in local currency, and you will pay at the LOWEST exchange rate at our end.

Unfortunately there is always an exchange cost, but turns out to be pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of sending a wire transfer, Western Union, or any kind of money… Continue

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McCain addresses migrant issue

PHOENIX (AP) -- The federal government has failed to address illegal immigration in the Southwest and needs to wake up, Sen. John McCain told Hispanic leaders Saturday.

"It is in our national interest to bring the 8 to 12 million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and allow them an opportunity to become citizens of this great nation," McCain said at the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza.

The Washington-based civil rights group and… Continue

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Scholarship for Nursing students

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Chapter Houston, will be giving 5 scholarships of $ 1.000 to Nursing students. The application is open to college students enrolled in Nursing school (provide school transcript), or those planning on entering a Nursing school (must provide proof upon acceptance before money awarded).

Application deadline: Sept 1, 2004
To download application, visit: http://www.nahnhouston.org/forms/2004_Scholar_appl.doc

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The "Miami" accent - English with a pinch of Spanish

MIRAMAR, Fla. -- Even though South Florida is about as far south as you can go in the US, that accent you hear is not Southern, certainly not Northern and not even quite Cuban or Spanish. According to linguistic experts, the tongue you’re most likely hearing is a Miami accent.

A Miami accent?

“It’s a cadence, a rhythm that’s superimposed on the English, that is borrowed from Spanish speaking, even if they’re not speakers of Spanish,” said Norene Bini, a dialogue and… Continue

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Hispanic medical students still minority

According to the AAMC's latest figures, about 2,000 of the 17,600 students admitted in 2002 to the nation's 126 medical schools - 11 percent - were underrepresented minorities. That category includes mostly African Americans, along with mainland Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans and American Indians.

The AAMC missed its goal of "3,000 by 2000" - 3,000 new underrepresented minorities that year. At the current pace, critics say, it'll be more like "3,000 by 3000."

The… Continue

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Two languages better than one to keep mind young

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two languages are better than one when it comes to keeping the brain young, Canadian researchers reported on Monday. Older adults who grew up bilingual had quicker minds when tested than people who spoke only one language, the researchers found. They showed less of the natural decline associated with aging.

The tests of people who grew up speaking English and either Tamil or French suggested that having to juggle two languages keeps the brain elastic and may… Continue

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Groups may take legal action to stop immigration crackdown

LOS ANGELES -- AP -- Hispanic community leaders and civil rights groups say they may take legal action to stop a U.S. Border Patrol crackdown in San Bernardino and Riverside, Calif., counties. Activists met in San Bernardino Tuesday to coordinate their efforts against the Border Patrol -- saying they will file lawsuits or engage in civil disobedience if the arrests of suspected illegal immigrants continue.

Agents have arrested more than 200 suspected illegal immigrants in the two… Continue

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No longer Hispanic

New York state officials recognized Rocco Luiere as Hispanic for 15 years. Suddenly, the state says he's not - at least not under its definition for minority businesses.

His maternal grandparents were born in Spain, which would meet most dictionary definitions for Hispanic meaning Spanish or Spanish and Portuguese.

The federal government considers him Hispanic.

But he doesn't meet New York state's definition, so in April the state revoked his minority… Continue

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UVM to encourage minority high school students to apply

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - The University of Vermont wants to encourage local minority high school students to go to college. Hoping to diversify its own campus, UVM announced Wednesday that it will work with Burlington High School guidance counselors to get minority, refugee and immigrant students interested in pursuing college, and to show them that higher education can be affordable.

UVM will offer campus visits and financial aid workshops specifically for those whose parents didn't… Continue

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How much does it cost for Latino immigrants to send money back home?

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 7— The Pew Hispanic Center released a detailed evaluation of how much it costs for immigrants to send money back home to their families in Latin America. The study revealed that although the cost of transferring money has dropped since the late 1990s, the rate of decline has slowed markedly in the past three years.

The slowing has come despite rapidly growing volume and increased competition in the marketplace. This suggests that further price reductions might… Continue

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In the search for a Hispanic educator

HISD Superintendent Kaye Stripling is expected to announce her retirement as soon as this week, a top HISD official said Tuesday, opening the door for Houston to hire its first Hispanic school leader.

"Well, good luck in trying to find one," said Carlos Garcia, who runs the nation's sixth-largest school system, in Clark County, Nev., which includes Las Vegas.

Garcia is one of only four Hispanics in top jobs among the nation's 64 largest school districts. In Texas,… Continue

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Insurer agrees to pay restitution for race-based pricing

AUSTIN, TX - AP - American National Insurance Co. has agreed to pay more than $3 million to thousands of black and Hispanic consumers nationwide whose policies were affected by race-based pricing, Insurance Commissioner Jose Montemayor said Wednesday.

"This settlement is another step in correcting past practices that were just plain wrong," Montemayor said. "The restitution will help restore the value that otherwise would have been available without consideration of… Continue

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Decision not to appeal Telecom Ruling well received

Several Hispanic Associations praised the Solicitor General's decision of not to appeal Telecom Ruling. The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Cuban American National Council and the Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership were among the first ones in making public their opinion.

The following is the statement by the Hispanic Telecommunications and Technology Partnership:

"By leaving the Court's decision in place, the Solicitor General will… Continue

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Project to reduce distrust of the healthcare system

Distrust is among the most pervasive and difficult barriers to quick and appropriate health care, and it is perhaps the most difficult barrier to break down. The University of Pennsylvania Research Group on Health Care Disparities is dedicated to eradicating this barrier to care. But distrust cannot be eradicate until we understand which clinical approaches foster distrust.

Between June and September, we are asking Philadelphians to lend their insight to our work to break down this… Continue

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Mario J. Molina

Who won the 1995 Nobel Prize in chemistry, has joined the faculty at the University of California, San Diego, as a professor in the Dept. of Chemistry and in Center for Atmospheric Sciences at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

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Graduation rates of minorities ahead of ntl average at UConn

STORRS, Conn. -- AP - Figures show that the graduation rate of minority students at the University of Connecticut is in line with the rate for the whole student body and well ahead of the national average.

From 1993 to 2003, the minority student graduation rate at UConn increased from 58 percent to 69 percent. The rate for all students was 69.8 percent.

The figures are based on the number of students enrolled in a freshman class who earn their degree in six years, a… Continue

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Hispanic Supreme Court nominee approved by Sen. committee

TRENTON, N.J. -- AP, The first Hispanic nominated to be a state Supreme Court justice received unanimous approval from a Senate committee Monday after a hearing one senator described as a "love fest." Roberto Rivera-Soto was widely praised by committee members and received few tough questions during the hearing at which he also gave an overview of his judicial style.

The law must be stable, but it cannot stand still," Rivera-Soto said.

His nomination now goes to the full… Continue

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Hispanic Business Communities growing quickly in Washington

A study funded by the Greater Washington Ibero American Chamber of Commerce, found that the number of Hispanic-owned businesses in the region has grown to 32,000 in 2002 from about 500 in 1970. The surge began in the 1980s after Hispanic immigrants fleeing El Salvador's civil war poured into the area and has increased as more Central American immigrants have moved here to join their families.

The largest group, Salvadorans, have started about 3,000 small family-run businesses --… Continue

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