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April 2006 Blog Posts (29)

Jennifer Vasquez

Ms. Jennifer Vasquez of UNA Miami is the 2006 Global Young Advocate Award recipient. First Hispanic Female to win this award.

This year's field of nominees was the strongest it has ever been and the selection committee's task was very difficult. While we were only able to select one of the many talented nominees for this year's award, we were amazed by the amazing pool of talent that UNA has to draw from in our young professionals. Jennifer Vasquez represents this outstanding group… Continue

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Cecilia K. Ortiz de Sanchez

Was appointed deputy Manager of the Denver Office of Economic Development on April 1, 2006. A longtime community and governmental leader working on workforce training and business development for women and minorities, Ms. Ortiz worked for Governor Roy Romer as state director of the Colorado Small Business Development Center and state director of the Governor's Women's and Minority Business Offices.

She was also the Executive Director of Mi Casa Resource Center for Women, a national… Continue

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Agapito Lopez

Has been appointed as a Board Member in the Hazleton, PA City Water Authority, and as a Commissioner for Northeastern Pennsylania for the Governor's Commission on Latino Affairs.

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'Spanish only' may spell disaster

I’m always baffled, dumbfounded, even appalled, when I’m shopping at a department store and hear over the intercom, “We need a Spanish speaking associate at the pharmacy.” I always ask myself, “What if they can’t find a Spanish speaking associate? What then?” Will the individual trying to buy perhaps a life-sustaining drug go to another pharmacy hoping to find someone who can understand him or her? Or, simply wait perhaps hours, until someone who can speak Spanish comes along to help purchase… Continue

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"The Story of My Life..."

It is ironic how the biggest things that affect your life are the ones that are not physically visible, yet they leave the biggest marks. Being a child things are different. The time where you do not have to “label” yourself and the world seemed to revolve around you. You knew the rules, the rules you were taught since you can remember remembering. “Don’t talk to strangers, look both ways when crossing the street, respect your elders.” It was as simple as that.

Time passes you like a… Continue

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Patricia Madrid & Gloria Molina

Attorney General Patricia Madrid is among 19 women being honored at the 2006 Hispanic Business Woman of the Year Awards.

Madrid was among the finalists for the top award, which will go to Gloria Molina, chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The April issue of Hispanic Business magazine features Molina and a "select group" of Hispanic women who the magazine says have had a national impact by demonstrating the highest levels of achievement in their… Continue

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Hector V. Barreto

Washington (April 27, 2006) - Hector V. Barreto, who has served as administrator of the Small Business Administration since 2001, is stepping down to become national chairman of Hispanic advocacy organization The Latino Coalition.

Under Barreto's guidance, the agency doubled the number of loans made through its main SBA business loan programs. However, the agency came under fire recently from lawmakers following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita for what they considered a low number of… Continue

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Health care: lost in translation?

Southern Oregon University offers seminar to help health professionals understand cutlural differences that can be barriers to quality care.

Jackson County Mental Health specialist Alejandra Moreno has seen Hispanic clients misdiagnosed or labeled as mentally ill when they weren’t because of communication problems and cultural misconceptions.

"The same disorder might look different in a Hispanic person than in an Anglo because of our different mourning traditions or… Continue

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Palladium Equity to invest $520M in U.S. Hispanic firms

The New York-based Palladium Equity Partners firm said Monday it has raised $520 million to form a private equity fund focusing on businesses that will benefit from the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic market.

''We believe the Hispanic market represents a terrific investment opportunity,'' said David Pérez, one of the four managing directors who run the fund.

``We just thought it was a very large segment of the economy that had attracted little attention from private equity… Continue

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Center to hold class for Latino dads

TORRINGTON, CT - Joining forces with support center Family Strides, La Via Latina, the Northwest Corner’s Latino community outreach organization, will be starting classes today geared toward binding fathers closer to their families.

La Via Latina co-founder Jhonny Camacho knows first hand of the difficulties that many Latinos encounter when moving to the United States, attempting to balance numerous jobs and their family life, he said.

The trick to the survival of… Continue

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Hispanic Heritage Awards

Carlos Camino helps Latino immigrants live healthier lives in their new home, whether that means educating them about diabetes and the hazards of smoking, or organizing soccer teams.

His co-workers say his familiarity with their plight is crucial when working with the growing number of new arrivals.

"If the community doesn't know you, they're not going to come to you," said Maria Casasco, a colleague at the county Health Department. "It's a matter of trust."

Mr.… Continue

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Hispanic students have a mentor in CHS robotics instructor

If Sam Alexander isn't the rookie of the year among Chandler High's teachers, he at least belongs in the discussion.

The first-year computer and robotics instructor is building excitement for science and technology among Hispanic students, and a $10,000 award from Honeywell, presented at the school Thursday, should keep the buzz going.

"We need inventors and engineers in our country," Alexander said, "and no one has really focused on the Hispanic population for that. I… Continue

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MyImmigrationStory.com lets immigrants tell their own stories

Statistics do not tell the story of immigration. People do. Since its inception, this nation has been continually infused with the energy of newcomers. Yet their assimilation has seldom been smooth. The challenges we face today are not new. Only the stories are.

MyImmigrationStory.com was created to show the human side of immigration. It enables U.S. immigrants from all nations to share their immigration stories in their own words. With the recent heated rhetoric over immigration,… Continue

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California schools caught in squeeze between federal, state laws

STANFORD, Calif. - Troy Henderson leans close to his paper, composing letters with all the academic intensity of a first grader. He notices he's being watched by the school principal and sets down his pencil.

"Hello Mr. Prehn," he says, smiling broadly.

"Hello Troy," responds Gary Prehn. "How's your father? Did you know I used to teach him?"

Escondido Elementary School principal Gary Prehn knows all of his 480 students, he really knows them, their names, their… Continue

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Immigration Justice - The USHAA Petition

A Message From USHAA President,

Dear Friends:

On Behalf of the entire United States Hispanic Advocacy Association (USHAA) Board, let me thank you for your support. The outpouring of heartfelt interest and concern from so many fellow Hispanics from around this nation is truly humbling. It also illustrates the power of Hispanics when we act as one people, speak with one voice and unite around one agenda.

Martin Luther King had a dream that one day people of color… Continue

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Hispano, Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Etc.

I believe that the discussion about what we call ourselves is an important one, but I do not believe that reaching consensus is possible or even necessary.

I would like to add my "granito de arena" to the discussion and see where it goes. These are my definitions of the terms used to describe nuestra gente. I believe it is in the definition of terms that we lock horns and so I list them here to contribute to the discussion.

Spanish: This is the language not the culture.… Continue

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Assimilated Hispanics are already home

By ALISA VALDES-RODRIGUEZ - A novelist explains why she and others aren't what you might think

I'm Alisa, and I'm a recovering journalist. Used to write for the Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times. Quit to be a novelist out of frustration with the media's incompetent reporting about Hispanics and immigration.

In the spirit of helping people overcome the misinformation they often read, I offer the following cheat sheet:

• The words "immigrant" and "Hispanic" are… Continue

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Freedom or Freedom?

Land of Freedom . . . or is the Land of Freedom?

The editor in chief of the Hispanic newspaper Red Latina and the president of the radio station Radio CuCui in St. Louis, Missouri, Cecilia Velazquez was deported last April 15th, 2006. Velazquez was surviving the lack of sympathy of the Immigration Agency. The reason: she arrived with a tourist visa and started working back in 2000. Then, she was arrested in Houston and immigration agents resolute she was out of status. A deportation… Continue

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Taxpayer Advocacy Panel

A unique opportunity is now available to make a positive contribution to your tax administration system by becoming a member of the IRS Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP). The TAP provides listening opportunities for independent taxpayer input and feedback to the IRS regarding service and customer satisfaction. The TAP identifies taxpayer concerns and provides input on national taxpayer issues.

The TAP serves as an advisory body to the Secretary of the Treasury, the Commissioner Internal… Continue

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A Latina on a Mission

Leonor McCall-Rodriguez is the President of Mira Promo, a California full service Hispanic Business and Marketing agency with ample experience in ethnic marketing in the US and Mexico for Fortune 500 companies. She is also the founder and President of the Latino Speakers Bureau, the only bureau of its kind in the nation.

The career of Leonor McCall-Rodriguez reads like the eventful one it has been: through pre-Med training, a degree in International Economics, a Master of Business… Continue

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