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Colombian Bank Opens

Bancolombia opened its Miami offices Dec. 8, making it the only foreign bank to open in Florida in 2003. Linda Charity, deputy director of Florida's Office of Financial Institutions, said the only other application her office has received from a foreign bank looking to move to Florida came Monday from Honduras-based banco Financiera Comercial Hondurena SA. Florida has no Honduran banks. Bancolombia's Miami division is at 1111 Brickell Ave. The bank was founded in 1997 in a merger of Banco… Continue

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Hispanic immigrants' kids hit roadblock

Associated Press, December 25 -They're generally more educated and speak better English than immigrants, but second-generation Hispanics had a tougher time in the economic downturn than their first-generation counterparts, a new analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center found.

A surge of young, U.S.-born Hispanics -- the start of a wave of workers who will eventually replace retiring baby boomers -- joined the working world just as the economy turned sour.

That made things… Continue

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Health care gap seen for Calif. Hispanics

LOS ANGELES -- For years, Miguel Salazar Castell paid $40 a week at the county clinic to have his blood sugar tested and collect a new supply of pills to control his diabetes.

Without insurance, the 64-year-old auto mechanic counted on the visits to stay healthy so he could support his two sons, three stepchildren, and three nephews by working seven days a week.

But one night last year, just after Thanksgiving, Castell awoke in a drenching sweat, too dizzy to even stand… Continue

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Diversity Santa

Pancho Claus spices season with distinct Hispanic flavor

Houston Chronicle- Santa Claus needs more than toys to win over Houston children.

The city's multicultural makeup means ol' Saint Nick has to speak Vietnamese, Filipino, Spanish and other languages to spread Christmas joy.

But no incarnation of the jolly gift-giver is more unique than Pancho Claus, a Latino cultural icon throughout South Texas. In some cities in the Rio Grande Valley, Pancho… Continue

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U.S. Hispanics see army as route to American Dream

MIAMI, Dec 8 (Reuters) - For wannabe U.S. soldier Ramsey Roque, the possibility of dying in a guerrilla ambush in Iraq is no deterrent.

Like an increasing number of U.S. Hispanics who regard the armed forces as a route to the American Dream, the 17-year-old immigrant from the Dominican Republic believes the benefits of a life in military service far outweigh any of the risks.

"You can die crossing the street. It's more risky being a stunt double in the movies," said… Continue

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Hispanic stocks get first big index in US

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investment bank Samuel A. Ramirez & Co. had launched a stock index to track the fortunes of Hispanic businesses like Univision as they increase their presence in the U.S. economy.

The bank's Hispanic Index is to track the 10 largest and heavily traded Hispanic companies in the United States and Puerto Rico, based on market value and trading volume. The bank says it is now in talks to launch investment products tracking the index.

"The reason we did… Continue

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Lenders making big push to cater to Hispanic needs

The purchasing power of Hispanics in 2003 is estimated to be $587 billion. By 2010, it's expected to reach $1 trillion. And according to the U.S. Census, the number of prosperous Hispanic households -- those with incomes of at least $100,000 -- rose 137 percent from 1990 to 2000.

But while Hispanic wealth continues to grow, many Latinos still lack the tools they need to invest the fruits of their labor, financial planning experts say.

More and more, financial planners and… Continue

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Luciano Martinez

West Palm Beach— Luciano Martinez, considered the county's most influential and well-known Hispanic, died Monday from liver disease just four days after entering a hospice.
To know more on his biography click here

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Miriam Naveira

Gov. Sila Calderon of Puerto Rico nominated Associate Justice Miriam Naveira to be the island's first female chief justice of the Supreme Court.

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Vicente Fernandez

Commercebank has appointed Vicente Fernandez business development officer at its Doral, Miami, FL branch. He will serve the financial needs of the anticipated Galloway Branch, focusing primarily on retail consumers and small business in the area. Mr. Fernandez earned a degree in finance and international business from Florida International University.

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John Lopez

Colonial Bank has named John Lopez VP and branch sales manager in the bank's Brickell office in Miami, FL. Mr. Lopez, with more than 17 years of local banking experience, has worked for Colonial since August 2002.

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Larry Carrillo

Larry Carrillo, a veteran teacher in Utah's Davis County has been rewarded by Nordstrom and Hispanic Magazine as the 2003 National Hispanic Teacher of the Year.

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Conference focuses on needs of Hispanic students

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- Nebraska schools are trying to help Hispanic students but they are just not succeeding very often.

That's one reason for organizing the first-ever summit on educating Hispanic and Latino youth, Nebraska Education Commissioner Doug Christensen said.

Friday's meeting brought together more than 200 school officials, policy makers, parents and students to discuss challenges faced by Hispanic students and strategies that work to help address… Continue

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Mayor Ed Garza

Mayor Ed Garza was sworn in as president of the Hispanic Elected Local Officials organization this week in Nashville, Tenn., during the National League of Cities Congress of Cities.

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Atlanta plans to challenge Miami for the FTAA

The Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announced last week its 2004 federal, state and local legislative agenda ranging from its support for Atlanta's bid for the Free Trade Area of the Americas secretariat to the creation of Community Improvement Districts for Hispanic businesses.

Carlos Pagoaga, the chamber's president-elect and chair of the chamber's legislative committee, said the legislative agenda was becoming more important as the Hispanic population in Georgia grew in… Continue

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"Hispanic is not a race"

Ralph Perales doesn't remember what box he checked off in the 1980 census, when "Hispanic" became an option for the first time. Most likely when he had to choose a race, he picked white, said Perales, a native of Peru who moved to Georgia with his family in 1977.

It wasn't an issue because "Hispanic is not a race," said Perales, 42.

Jacqueline Thomas Rosier remembers that same census and the discussion it sparked within her family.

"The term was kind of crazy… Continue

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Lizabeth Ardisana

Was elected Chairperson of the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MHCC) becoming the first woman to lead the chamber's 30-member board of directors.

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HMW Online Launches The Hispanic Advertising Accounts Directory

MIAMI, Dec. 4 -- HMW online, the digital site of Hispanic Market Weekly, has launched a directory of all national and regional accounts and brands active in the U.S. Hispanic market with a direct reference to the advertising agency that handles each account and the assignment for each


The HMW Accounts Directory, posted Thursday on http://www.hmwonline.com, will be constantly updated as Hispanic Market Weekly, the newsletter, publishes agency movements of accounts and the… Continue

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Women honored for their efforts to promote Diversity

Ana-Hec Sepulveda, an 18-year-old senior at Green Bay East High School, Sister Melanie Maczka of St. Willebrord Catholic Church, and Eileen Littig, director and producer at NEWIST/CESA 7, were honored at The Women for Diversity Gala, in Green Bay, Winsconsin.

The three women were selected for being champions for change, showing initiative, motivation, inspiration and encouragement to others to become involved with those of other cultures.

The gala was hosted by the Girl… Continue

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Carlos J. Arboleya

Former chairman of Barnett Bank, which is now part of Bank of America, received the Individual Lifetime Achievement Award from the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce for his contributions to the community.

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