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March 2009 Blog Posts (35)

Substance Abuse Center

There are many centers for meth rehab in Colorado nowadays, given the alarming rise of this form of addiction in the state. So if you can get a center that specializes in this form of drug addiction treatment in Colorado, it is definitely the best choice. Look for a center that mentions meth rehab in detail.
Substance Abuse Center

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If you are unable to find a message or comment for which you received an e-mail notification....

Lately, a few users have been e-mailing us with concerns about receiving an e-mail that they have a new message, but then they go to their account and are unable to find said message.

In most cases what is happening is that the individual who sent the original message was found to be distributing spam/unsolicited messages, and was banned from the network. When an individual is banned from the network, all of the messages they have left and comments that they have made are deleted… Continue

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March Group of the Month: Hispanic PR Professionals

We are thrilled to congratulate Elliott Subervi and his group Hispanic PR Professionals for being selected as the March NSHP Group of the Month!

This group for Public Relations Professionals already boasts 29 active members and we expect many great things from this group of individuals!

Thanks again to all of our groups who strive to make a… Continue

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Fun Saturday!

I don't get out much, so I really enjoyed my Saturday as a guest author at a local college. I hardly noticed it was snowing (again!) when the day was over. Our area (Puget Sound) is supposed to be a rain forest. Oh, yeah? my rhodies and camellias are so cold they're dropping their buds, and I haven't got the heart to look at my canna bed.

It's a good day to make a fire and write a new novel---set someplace that's a lot warmer with palm trees and bougainvillea. Wait a minute. This is… Continue

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'Earth Hour [3/28/09]

I'm Participating in 'Earth Hour' ~ Turn off all lights Between 8:30pm-9:30pm Central Time Tonight [3/28/09] Everyone!!!

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Experience at a Job Fair

So another career day went and with setting of a giant ball of fire we celebrated this passing with cold alcoholic liquids held tightly in a crystal cold cylindrical shape made of a mixture of silica obtained from beds of fine sand and then pulverized. As we licked our battle wounds we recounted our stories of triumph and woe, though in this instance mostly was woe. If you want the synopsis go to the bottom.

So the story is like this, unlike last time on a cold snowy December morning… Continue

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Will this recession hurt minority firms more?

Across the nation, companies large and small are cutting payrolls – and one of the first groups getting the ax are employees in supplier diversity positions. Over the last two decades, most large U.S. corporations created departments to nurture relationships with minority and women-owned businesses. But many CEOs now see this commitment as a luxury they can no longer afford. However, some proponents of minority enterprises believe the consequences of these cuts could last far beyond the… Continue

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Looking for Work

Bilingual Spanish/Engish mature woman looking for a job as an executive assistant. HELP!!!

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My first web page

I invite all to visit my first web page www.davidfrey.me, designed by my in Dreamweaver, it is so easy, anyone can do it. This is my boyfriends webpage, he is a talented writer. I´m sure you will like it, please send comments to improve it. Thanks, Muchas gracias.

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"How Would You Fix the Economy? give me your thoughts...


> This was an article from the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper on Sunday.

> The Business Section asked readers for ideas on "How Would You Fix the

> Economy?" I thought this was the BEST idea. I think this guy nailed

> it!


> Dear Mr. President, Patriotic retirement:


> There's about 40 million people over 50 in the work force; pay them $1

> million apiece severance with stipulations:


> 1) They leave… Continue

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WHAT: The April 7th Celebration of Uno’s® 30th Anniversary and the first Uno location to open outside of Chicago! Join Uno CEO Frank Guidara, Founder and Chairman Emeritus Aaron Spencer, COO Roger Zingle, Mayor Thomas Menino, and local Manager Bryan Goldie as they blow out 30 candles on a special deep-dish pizza to celebrate the Boylston Street restaurant’s anniversary. The Mayor will present a special anniversary proclamation declaring… Continue

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Why am I here?

I found this site when I was searching for news on my cousin, Hollywood actor Rudy Ramos. I'm not sure if I belong--feel free to kick me off!

As an independent writer, I am always searching for ways to reach my readers. I have not been able to reach Hispanic readers, and it bothers me because I think Hispanic women would really like my books. Sample chapters can be read on my www.JanelleMerazHooper.com website. If you read them, write to me! Note: My newest book, Bears in the… Continue

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Wind Energy Job Fair

Announcing a FREE, 3-day recruiting event at the largest wind energy conference in the world!

May 5-7, 2009 | Chicago, IL | McCormick Place Convention Center

WINDPOWER 2009 Conference & Exhibition is where the entire wind energy industry will gather to network, do business, see the latest technologies, and look for talent. If you are interested in working in wind energy, or recruiting, the WINDPOWER 2009 Job Fair is the place to start.

The Job Fair is… Continue

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Coming from corporate sales with IBM, I realized some time ago two things. First, I realized that a corporate position was great in some aspects, but very limiting in others. Second, I realized that if I invested the same time and effort in my own business, that I invested in my corporate position, in the long term, I would be much better off and so would my client base.

Leaving the security of corporate to practice mortgage finance and real estate about twenty (20) years ago, I had a host… Continue

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Networking and Life: Steve Gonzalez

More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject. ~Peter Drucker

I have seen the city skyline of NYC, Charlotte, and Atlanta in the past few days. It was an exhausting process but I had a lot going through my mind. One thing on my mind is the quote above and why it is so important to me and why it should be important to you.

I have exchanged a lot of business cards and shook a lot of… Continue

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It’s NOT a secret, or it SHOULDN’T be

Many people ask, “How do they do it?” They are not asking how to put together that pesky television stand. No, rather they are asking how wealthy and successful people manage to become wealthy and successful.

While many people who have built wealth and are successful most certainly ran into luck along the way, their positions in life are not because the gods of fate have smiled down upon them. Most certainly not. In fact, it is not even a secret, or it shouldn’t be.

One of… Continue

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Uno Chicago Grill® Responds to Economic Squeeze With Money-Saving Tips for Dining Out

BOSTON, MA – With less money and time available for dining out, leading national restaurant chains are evaluating their offerings and finding new ways to embrace and identify with their customers. As one of the nation’s more popular casual dining chains, Uno Chicago Grill® is offering some suggestions to consumers who want to save money, but still enjoy dining out.

“One look at the headlines tells us how tough it is today. At Uno Chicago Grill, we want to be responsive to the time… Continue

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You are invited to Latinas En Foco

Comment | Copy…

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Juan Manuel Delgadillo

4801 S. Leclaire, Chicago, IL 60638

Telephone: (773)585-8821

Email: JuanMDelgadillo@gmail.com


Extensive product knowledge coupled with creative ideas for product applications and a solid history of sales success. Proven ability to develop sales potential in new market areas. Strong analytical and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals.… Continue

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Shay on the Coach K of Life Show March 26th

Added by Shay Olivarria on March 17, 2009 at 10:15am — 2 Comments

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