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March 2008 Blog Posts (18)

Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA joins premier of "Under The Same Moon"

Ten volunteers and staff members of the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA were guests of FOX Studios for the premier of the film “Under The Same Moon” (La Misma Luna). This story opens with a scene shot just a few blocks away from the East Los Angeles facility and is a story of families separated by life and the journey of a young boy across the border to reunite with his mother who is working in the U.S.

Executive Director, Ruben said, “Inviting families of the YMCA see “Under the Same… Continue

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Motivational Speaker, Daniel Gutierrez Launches Internet Talk Radio Show

VoiceAmericaTM Network announced last week that international business consultant and motivational speaker, Daniel Gutierrez has joined the roster of their renowned talk show hosts. Gutierrez’s radio show, “Right Here, Right Now!” debuted on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel on March 20, 2008.

The 13-week pilot will include interviews with community leaders, who can give listeners tools for them to set goals on a personal, professional or business level. Gutierrez will cover topics… Continue

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Over 730 Attend the NSHP Chicago Job Fair

Despite the snow and sleet, more than 730 candidates attended the NSHP Chicago Job Fair on March 27, making our second career fair event in Chicago a huge success. Candidates had the opportunity to meet with recruiters from top companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Motorola, BP and Aetna, just to name a few. Up next: The Big Apple! NSHP is making its way down to New York City for the next job fair to be held on April 24, 2008. For more information go to:… Continue

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Homeland Security proposes immigration crackdown using Social Security numbers

By Raul Ramos y Sanchez

If the Bush administration gets its way, employers across the United States will receive written orders from the Department of Homeland security to investigate all employees whose Social Security numbers indicate they may be undocumented workers. The employers will have 90 days to verify an employee’s legal status. Any business that does not fire an employee with a questionable social security number after that time faces stiff fines and… Continue

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Hispanic Speakers Tour for Commencement Speeches at Colleges and Universities across the U.S.

Redondo Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2008 -- An increasing number of colleges and universities are reaching out to successful Latino entrepreneurs and keynote speakers as the choice for their commencement speeches in 2008. Hispanic speakers are in high demand as their experience appeals to graduation audiences from a fresh, previously unheard perspective.

"While we have seen some interest in the past, in 2008 the link between education and success has aroused a greater interest for… Continue

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Language Program Aims to Keep Hispanic Students in School

In Raleigh, NC, the Hispanic population is rapidly increasing. At the same pace, there seems to be a increase in high school dropouts. In Wake County, 17 percent of high school dropouts are Hispanic, but a new English language boot camp aims to reverse the trend.

To reduce the number of dropouts, the Wake County Public School System plans to start an ESL Academy at Cary, Garner and Wakefield high schools.The program would offer nearly all-day English instruction, instead of the… Continue

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Hispanic Women and the World of Business

According to figures compiled by the Center for Women's Business Research, the number of businesses owned by Hispanic women in the United States increased by 64 percent and the income generated by those companies grew by more than 62 percent to $44.4 billion.

The National Latina Business Women Association, is an organization that helps to raise the business knowledge level of its members or of women who are planning to start their own business, the NLBWA offers two business training… Continue

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Hispanics With Clogged Arteries At Greatest Risk Of Stroke

Hispanics who have even a small amount of plaque build-up in the neck artery are up to four times more likely to suffer or die from a stroke or heart attack than Hispanics who do not have plaque. According to a study by the the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurolog, researchers used ultrasound to determine the thickness of the plaque in the carotid artery of 2,189 men and women who were part of the multi-ethnic Northern Manhattan Study. Carotid plaque was found in 58 percent of… Continue

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Spain and U.S. both face immigration challenges

By Raul Ramos y Sanchez

After languishing for decades in the European Union’s economic cellar, Spain became a rising star. In fact, 40% of the new jobs in the EU between 2004 and 2007 were created in Spain according to the EuroNews. What sparked this economic turnaround? The widely accepted answer is immigration—although not everyone in Spain is happy about it.

Like the United States, Spain has an aging population that needs younger workers. "What immigrants pay into our… Continue

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Our Job Fair in Chicago has Already Opened Its Doors

If you live in Chicago, don't miss today NSHP's Bilingual Professional Career Fair at the Lakeview Terrace at the Navy Pier from 10 am to 3 pm. With over 30 exhibitors expected to attend, you won't want to miss out on this great opportunity to interview with top companies seeking diversity and bilingual candidates for hundreds of professional positions. For more information please go to: http://www.nshp.org/jobfair/event/3758

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Language Plays a Role in Discrimination Story

According to a story reported by the Rhode Island news, a store owner requested to see a customer's prove of citizenship after hearing the customer speak Spanish. As the owner was ringing up the customer's purchase, he demanded to see the customer's social security card. In response to the demand, the customer Jose Genao, told the owner he did not have the right to ask all those questions. The owner then pulled out his membership card for Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, a group… Continue

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Seven in Ten Hispanics Say Immigrants Should Learn English

Hispanics are concerned about the treatment of immigrants in the United States, both in terms of immigration policy and the way they are portrayed in the media. Nevertheless, six in ten feel that Hispanic immigrants should "follow the rules and come to the U.S. legally." A majority of respondents -- particularly more recent immigrants -- feel strongly that immigrants have an obligation to learn English.

A new study conducted by Los Angeles based multicultural research firm New… Continue

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A Study Finds Hispanics Tend to Get Segregated Care

Elderly Hispanics throughout the country tend to get inferior care, according to a Harvard study released on Tuesday. The study reported that Medicare data from 2004 reveals that hospitals with high percentages of Hispanic patients tend to have slightly lower quality indicators in three crucial areas: heart attacks, congestive heart failure and pneumonia.

The findings however, may not apply to the South Florida area, where 60 percent of the population is Hispanic and Hispanic… Continue

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NSHP-New York Chapter Meet & Greet Event

The New York chapter of NSHP hosted a small meet & greet on February 26,2008. The event was a huge success and brought in over 40 attendees, all whom showed interest in becoming active members of the local chapter. The event was organized by Melissa Ribeiro, who is currently serving as President. The chapter plans to meet in two weeks to establish the committee board and encourages all interested parties to attend the meeting. Click here to view pictures of the event:… Continue

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Red Tape Contributes to Illegal Immigration

By Raul Ramos y Sanchez

Here is a fact frequently ignored in the heated debate over immigration: nearly half of the nation’s undocumented immigrants arrived in the U.S. legally. That’s right. According to Pew Research Center, 45% of today’s undocumented immigrants did not sneak across the border. They simply overstayed their visas.

This begs a question: How many of those overstaying their visas would have applied for legal status if the delays, red tape, and fees of the… Continue

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MyGrito.com Launches Sex Education Page

MyGrito.com, the fastest growing and most progressive Latino social networking site, has launched a Sex Page on their site. The page is intended to open the discussion about Sex among the Latino community. Sex is still a taboo topic for most Hispanic families and a lot of misinformation is exchanged because of lack of bravery to speak about the subject with sensible adults. MyGrito is trying to break the silence and provide a place for the Latino community to ask honest questions about the… Continue

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NSHP-Houston Chapter Event Proved to Be A Big Hit

The Houston Chapter of NSHP hosted a networking reception last Thursday that brought in over 50 attendees and 4 sponsors. The event was held at Sullivan's Steak House in Houston, TX and was acknowledged as being the first ever event hosted by the Houston Chapter of NSHP. To view photos of the event you may go to: http://www.nshp.org/image/tid/214.

As part of its efforts to grow, the chapter hosted the event to recruit new members and promote Hispanic Professionals within the… Continue

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NSHP Houston job fair a success!

With over 550 attendees and 40 exhibitors, the Houston job fair was once again a big success!
Attendees interviewed on the spot with great companies such as Aetna, Scotts, Wachovia, Pfizer and many more. We are now looking forward to our next show in Chicago on March 27, for details on this event please visit the event site: http://www.nshp.org/jobfair/event/3758.

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