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March 2007 Blog Posts (28)

Hyper Connected Hispanics

Online Hispanics in the U.S. are "media mavens," consuming and adopting media and technology at a higher rate than the general population, according to new research released by Yahoo! Telemundo and Experian Simmons Research. The study found that Hispanics lead the general market in "media meshing" and use of key mobile phone features as they spend more than half of each day engaged with television, Internet and technology gadgets. Overall, Hispanics identified 51 hours of total daily… Continue

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Hispanic-Americans Lack Cancer Care

NEW YORK MAR 27, 2007 (Reuters Health) - A national strategy on cancer prevention and education aimed at the Hispanic population in the United States is urgently needed, an oncologist from the University of Cincinnati told participants at the National Hispanic Medical Association meeting in San Antonio.

Hispanics are the fastest growing minority population in this country, Dr. Margie Gerena-Lewis noted in a telephone interview with Reuters Health. "One of the problems with the… Continue

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Label Networks Releases Hispanic Youth Culture Study

March 27, 02007—Fresh results from Label Networks’ Hispanic Youth Culture Study ’07 illustrates the astounding power, influence, and strength of America’s fast-growing demographic of 13-24-year-olds. As the 2nd largest population group in the United States, knowing what’s taking place and where new opportunities lie, is vital for creating the most successful future business strategies. Results indicate this demographic group represents a new chance for underground brands to make headway, as… Continue

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New Web site in Missouri launched for Hispanic Business

Missouri Department of Economic Development Director Greg Steinhoff today announced the launch of a new Web site for the Hispanic Business, Trade and Culture Commission.

Between 1990 and 2000, the Hispanic population in Missouri has increased by 92 percent. According to Steinhoff, Hispanic Missourians have played an increasingly important role in communities, the economy and state government. The Web site will highlight trade and investment issues of importance and relevance to the… Continue

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Are Latinos paying more for Windows Vista?

One of our readers sent us this email:

"While investigating how to change the default language of Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows Vista, it became quickly apparent that Hispanics pay more. Six calls to various Microsoft support personnel confirmed that it is impossible for any version of Vista, except Business and Ultimate, to toggle the interface from English to Spanish. Business and Ultimate are the more expensive versions of Vista. While not Hispanic, it struck me as… Continue

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AARP Announces First Ever National Hispanic Event in Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON, March 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- AARP, one of the world's largest member organizations, today announced it will host its first ever National Hispanic event, Feria de la Segunda Juventud (Festival of the Second Youth), on May 5-6, 2007, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan. With more than 8,000 people expected to attend, Feria de la Segunda Juventud will offer attendees a chance to get up close and personal with celebrity speakers, performers and experience interactive… Continue

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From Gang Member to Motivational Hall of Famer

Redondo Beach, CA (nshp.org) March 23, 2007 – Former girl gang member from the Bronx, Pegine Echevarria joined a new “gang” that even her feisty single mom would approve. Pegine’s fellow “gang members” include such luminaries as Dale Carnegie, Zig Zigler and Tony Robbinsl. GetMotivation.com, the world’s largest online community that promotes self- improvement, recently voted Pegine into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame.

“I’m honored to be among a select and powerful group of… Continue

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The Need And Importance Of Disaster Recovery Planning

The greatest disasters are never planned. And yet they happen so devastatingly perfectly. 98% of the business felled on 9/11 did not recover, and scores businesses met their end with Katrina as well. Unfortunately, disasters come in varying degrees. What is considered to be minor to one can mean the end for another. The difference between a business surviving or ending is a plan. Intelligent strategizing now can save time and money, and quite possibly your entire business, when the time… Continue

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Minority Homeowners Pay More for Their Mortgages

Mortgage lenders sell a -disproportionate share of high-cost, or subprime, home loans to blacks and other minorities in big cities across the US, according to two new reports.

A study conducted by the Woodcock Institute, a Chicago-based organization that promotes community development, and four other groups found that home loans are more expensive for minorities in Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Rochester, New York.

In these six cities, blacks… Continue

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Latinos less likely to be offered HIV tests

A recent study found that primary health care providers in predominantly Latino communities offer little counseling, safe-sex advice and HIV testing for their patients.

In its introduction, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) AIDS Institute’s probe indicated that sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), are increasing among the U.S. Latino population, particularly in states like California, which boasts one-third of the Hispanic… Continue

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A Hispanic insurrection on U.S. soil? A new novel explores the unthinkable.

From Raul Ramos y Sanchez - Fellow NSHP members:

I am happy to announce my novel, America Libre is now in print. I’ve been thrilled by the advance reviews and I hope you’ll find this political thriller a good read. Immigration is a hotly debated topic among NSHP members and America Libre examines the consequences of extremism on both sides of this volatile issue.

Set in the second decade of the 21st century, the novel follows the struggles of Manolo Suarez, a… Continue

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Gene Variants Linked to Preterm Birth in Hispanic Women

Four gene variants in Hispanic women are linked to spontaneous preterm birth, according to researchers at Yale School of Medicine and Washington University. The research was presented at the Society for Gynecologic Investigation Conference in Reno, Nevada on March 16.

Preterm birth is a major cause of illness and death in newborns. A genetic cause of preterm birth was suggested by racial disparity, a tendency to occur within families and a high rate of recurrence, according to Errol… Continue

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AHAA to record history of Hispanic ads

McLEAN, Va. -- Pioneers in Hispanic advertising, marketing and broadcasting will launch the AHAA Archive of Hispanic Marketing to preserve the industry's past.

The archive, sponsored by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, will be housed at the Library of American Broadcasting at the University of Maryland in College Park.

AHAA plans to capture oral and written histories and personal records of pioneer professionals. The archive is intended as a place for… Continue

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Leo Arciniegas

ORANGEBURG, N.Y., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Rockland County resident Leo Arciniegas has been named Hispanic Marketing Manager for Verizon Wireless' New York Metro Region.

Supporting the company's continuing commitment to meet the needs of the more than 3.5 million Hispanic customers in the New York Metro area, Arciniegas now is responsible for identifying Hispanic needs and developing targeted marketing plans. Arciniegas also is charged with reviewing all bilingual advertising and… Continue

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'Cuban-Style' Health Services Targeting Elderly Hispanics in SoFla

"Cuban-style" health clinics in South Florida that offer social activities along with no-cost health care services to the elderly "could well be a vision of the future of health care in" the U.S., the Miami Herald reports.

Two clinics -- Leon Medical Center in Hialeah and CAC Florida clinic in Westchester -- provide seniors with dental and vision care at no cost, in addition to a regular primary care physician and access to specialists several times a week, but the clinics also… Continue

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Language Key Factor with Latinos Online

According to a recent study by the Pew Internet & American Life, Spanish-language ads are not necessarily a mass medium for reaching Latinos.

Whether Latinos use the Internet is closely related to whether they are bilingual, and to which language is dominant. Among Latinos who are English-dominant, 78% use the Internet. Among bilingual Latinos, 76% use the Internet. Fewer than a third (32%) of Spanish-dominant Hispanic adults are Internet users.

Pew's analysis… Continue

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Hispanics Lack Enough Information About Alzheimer's

Conducted by Harris Interactive for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, the survey results showed, among other things, that black and Hispanic caregivers were more likely (37 percent and 33 percent) than caregivers of other races (23 percent) to believe that Alzheimer's is a normal part of aging.

"Many of African-Americans and Hispanics thought it was almost normal that people would get Alzheimer's disease as they age," said foundation CEO Eric J. Hall. "This says a lot about the… Continue

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El Dia de la Tierra es Todos los Dias

El Comisionado José “Pepe” Díaz se une a la Celebración Hispana del Día de La Tierra, evento organizado por Common Ground for Conservation para este 22 de Abril en el Condado de Miami-Dade. Ese mismo día, más de medio millón de personas alrededor del planeta estarán celebrando el aniversario del movimiento ambiental que comenzó en Estados Unidos en los años 70 y que puso los ojos del mundo en la importancia que tiene la conservación del ambiente.

En palabras de Mildred Real,… Continue

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Making the Best of Who You Are

cover The Latino Advantage in the Workplace is an interesting career…


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New Web Site to Help Hispanic Smokers Quit Tobacco launched in PA

HARRISBURG, Pa., March 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Health Secretary Dr. Calvin B. Johnson today announced the launch of Quitnowpa.com, a new anti- tobacco Web site developed as a resource to help Hispanic residents quit smoking.

"A health disparity exists among Pennsylvania's Hispanic population --especially where tobacco use is concerned," Dr. Johnson said. "This new Web site is a valuable tool that will enable us to improve our outreach and education to the Hispanic community on… Continue

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