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March 2005 Blog Posts (16)

College Degree Helps to Get Better Earnings but Hispanics Still Down

New information from the U.S. Census Bureau reinforces the value of a college education: workers 18 and over with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $51,206 a year, while those with a high school diploma earn $27,915. Workers with an advanced degree make an average of $74,602, and those without a high school diploma average $18,734.

According to new tables released on the Internet titled Educational Attainment in the United States: 2004, 85 percent of those age 25 or older… Continue

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Orange Bowl Committee Announces its Newest Members

The Orange Bowl Committee announces the election of 11 new active members for the 2005-06 year.

Agustin R. Arellano, Owner/President; Arellano Construction Company

J. Ricky Arriola, President; Inktel Direct Corp.

Timothy A. Battle, EVP & Director of Commercial Insurance; Keen Battle Mead & Co.

Lettie J. Bien, President/CEO; Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

Charles H. Johnson, Attorney; Richman Greer Weil Brumbaugh Mirabito & Christensen, P.A.

William C.… Continue

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Speakers Take Hispanic Success Mainstream

As the founder of the Latino Speakers Bureau, I often used to ask myself why corporations would only look for Latino Speakers for Cinco de Mayo and Hispanic Heritage Month events. It seemed that this was negating the value and contribution of Latinos to the fabric of US Society during the rest of the year.

I am pleased to state that times have changed.

Cinco de Mayo and Hispanic Heritage Month are quickly coming up in May and September 15th through October 15th, but we are… Continue

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Psychiatric Medications and School Shootings

Eric Harris FOIA Dr. Peter Breggin obtained the autopsy report. The Dr. stated that Eric Harris had an effective level of Luvox in his system at the time of the shootings.

I can remember Time Magazine stated that Eric Harris had deliberately stopped taking Luvox to fann his anger.

Brit Hartman/Phil Hartman, Kip Kinkle, Joseph Wesbecker, Andrea Yates. These psychiatrist do Know What They Are Doing by causing the patient to go through withdrawel. Oh yes and Wenatchee WA the ergot… Continue

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Student Leadership Award and Scholarship Program

HENAAC Student Leadership Award and Scholarship Program (Hispanic American science, engineering, technology and math professionals) Deadline: Fri. April 22, 2005

HENAAC will be awarding over $250,000 in scholarships for the 2005-2006 academic year at our Annual conference in Anaheim, CA on October 6-8, 2005. The Student Leadership Award is the highest collegiate honor awarded by HENAAC and carries with it a scholarship of $5,000. To qualify, applicants must be student leaders… Continue

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Nehemiah lands grant to help Hispanics get homes

The Nehemiah Corp. of America, whose flagship program helps new-home buyers afford their down payments, said Monday that Western Sierra Bank will provide a $100,000 grant to help support Nehemiah's homeownership education services.

The grant will fund the expansion of its Internet-based homeownership and financial education program, and the development of Spanish language versions of its homeownership education and downpayment gift assistance Websites and information… Continue

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Hispanic students must learn English quickly to pass FCAT

KISSIMMEE, Fla., AP - The clock began ticking for 16-year-old Leyna Rosa Ibanos when she arrived from Puerto Rico seven years ago knowing hardly any English. She had only a few years to learn enough of the language before her sophomore year when she would take the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test, the statewide standardized test that every student must pass before graduating. Even though she gets As and Bs in her classes, she has struggled so far with the FCAT, passing the math part but… Continue

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Health fair draws Hispanics

DELAND, FL -- When Sonia Salas parked her car at Saturday's Hispanic women's health fair, she had no child-safety seats for the two toddlers she brought in tow. But Salas and her husband, Filimon, left the fair smiling, their youngsters snug in two new car seats waving goodbye to firefighters who showed the parents how to use the essential safety equipment.

More than 25 percent of the Hispanic families who attended the community's first Dia De La Mujer Latina Health Fair, mostly… Continue

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Pressure to earn money keeps Hispanic dropout rates high

Raleigh, NC - AP Nationally, nearly 37 percent of foreign-born Hispanics age 16 to 19 are dropouts, either in their home country or in the United States, according to an analysis of 2000 Census figures by the Pew Hispanic Center. In Southern states where the immigrant population is booming, those numbers are even higher - nearly 63 percent in Alabama, 58 percent in North Carolina and 55 percent in Georgia.

Even among Hispanics 16 to 19 who were educated entirely in the United States,… Continue

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ExecutiveRegistry's Career Tips and Tactics

Negotiations are a critical aspect of the job search process. Executives most often make negotiating mistakes around clarity, specifically what they are currently earning, how they earn it, and what they want in their next compensation package, according to an interview with David Moyer, principal of executive search firm Moyer, Sherwood Associates, Inc., on CareerJournal.com. Moyer recommends spending “some quiet undistracted time getting to know the numbers of your current compensation. Write… Continue

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New sports magazines reach out to U.S. Hispanics



Sports is shaping up to be the next publishing battleground to win U.S. Hispanic readers. Miami-based Editorial Televisa announced Wednesday that it has teamed up with ESPN Deportes to launch a Spanish-language sports monthly in May. That follows on the heels of Sports Illustrated's launch of tentatively titled SI Latino next month. ''It's long overdue,'' said Carlos E. Pelay, president of Fort Lauderdale's Media Economics Group, which… Continue

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Career preparation en español

Universities designing program to train marketing and communications professionals

Experts in Hispanic marketing are a hot commodity these days, so hot they can be hard to find. Just ask Talent Zoo, an Atlanta recruiting firm for advertising and marketing executives. ''It's really reached a critical point,'' said Amy Hoover, vice president. ``There are more opportunities than candidates available. I don't think there's been an emphasis of this in schools.''

That may be… Continue

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4,000 Latino leaders to brainstorm on strategy

CHICAGO -- Riding the wave of recent success at the polls, about 4,000 Latino leaders are meeting in Chicago this week to lay out strategies to increase their electoral strength. The annual gathering of the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute will hold training workshops for would-be candidates and campaign managers, in addition to seminars on immigration, labor and other topics.

Juan Andrade, president of the Chicago-based group, said organizers are encouraged by the recent victories… Continue

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Survey Reveals Demand for Multi-Language Executives Will Increase

Los Angeles, January 18, 2005 – The ability to speak more than one language is critical to succeed in business in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America, according to nearly nine out of ten (88 percent) executive recruiters from those regions who completed the sixth edition of the quarterly Executive Recruiter Index.

Nearly 85 percent of recruiters in Europe, 88 percent of recruiters in Asia and 95 percent of recruiters in Latin America either “strongly agreed” or “somewhat agreed”… Continue

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Minorities Express Higher Confidence In Building Wealth Via Lottery

Minority Wealth Magazine - Bethesda, MD - What are the methods that minorities are using to build wealth? Are minorities in the U.S. comfortable that they can build wealth through the traditional means of retirement planning and saving? A survey released by Minority Wealth Magazine reveals some surprising results.

When minorities were asked, "which of the following do you think provides the best opportunity to build wealth," and given the following choices: Save in a retirement plan,… Continue

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Profound Crossroads

According to our CEO, Xiomara Sosa: "In Profound Crossroads, Anthony Ramos creates an intriguing and exciting story that explores the intense experiences that the Spanish people endured in the dark ages. It richly tells a fascinating story of the struggles occurring during the Spanish war against the Muslims of Africa with a wonderful element of betrayal and love injected through the experiences that is immensely… Continue

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