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January 2005 Blog Posts (14)

Judgement returned against firm that scammed Hispanic homeowners

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is applauding a $3.5 million judgment against a Texas-based business for bilking hundreds of Hispanic homeowners out of thousands of dollars before its owners fled the United States.

State District Judge Adolph Canales also issued a permanent injunction against City Mortgage Services, Inc. and its principals, Gustavo Duarte and Alfredo Mendez, preventing the company from defrauding any more consumers with its "debt-reduction service."

City… Continue

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Hispanic Americans Face Liver Disease Risk

Jan. 27, HealthDayNews -- Hispanic Americans may be at higher risk of developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) than other racial groups, says a study in the February issue of Hepatology. NAFLD is the most common liver disease in the US and is associated with type 2 diabetes and obesity. NAFLD is benign--however, its more advanced form, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, can cause chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and cancer.

The research was jointly conducted by the University of…


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Bilingualism is growing but not at the expense of English

Richard Alba 2004 Report, "Language Assimilation Today: Bilingualism Persists More Than in the Past, But English Still Dominates" tackles the fears of language loss by analyzing Census data of school-age children. Researchers explored two common anxieties: that English as "the linguistic glue holding America together" may be in danger and that the persistence of bilingualism signals a profound change in American culture.

Sociologist Richard Alba concludes that despite different… Continue

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Scams that target Hispanics on the rise

WESTON, FLA. - Elian Degen considered himself a prudent man, indulging in few luxuries since arriving in Florida two years ago. But when Degen saw a Spanish-language television ad promising a Pro-Line credit card to viewers without previous credit histories or Social Security card numbers, the 52-year-old Venezuelan paid close attention.

He dialed the number on the screen and applied. But within minutes of hanging up, Degen felt uneasy. He called back to cancel and his problems… Continue

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Don't let this happen to your family

The reason for all of my work is because I don' wih this to happen to anyone. And if you have it in your power(Which you do) to do something about it then DO IT! Don't alllow another Columbine or Joseph Wesbecker incedent to happen.

The definition of the word Titration is incremantal withdrawal. Not abrupt discontinuation. I've seen this in juvenile law books CA. Abrupt discontinuance is againgst the LAW. The Pharmaceutical companies NOT THE PARENTS should be targeted for the adverse… Continue

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How to revalidate your profession in the United States

Many immigrants come to the United States resigned to work in any job that is available to them, because they assume that the language barrier, tests, textbooks and license validation make for a difficult process. If he or she is truly dedicated, tenacious and willing to follow the correct steps, the road to revalidating a vocation or career becomes much easier.

The majority of technical, post-graduate and doctorate degrees require a license from the state where the person is seeking… Continue

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As Hispanics embrace life in U.S., some prefer to limit family size

ATLANTA — Yolanda Lucena removes seeds from dark red chile peppers, her 5-year-old son, Ignacio, rushes into their home. He brandishes the daily behavior sheet, which has a blue circle for excellent behavior. Lucena smiles widely. She kisses her kindergartner on the cheek. She checks on her sleeping 1-month-old, Arnoldo, swaddled in a Superman fleece blanket. Both of her boys are content. And so is she. Her family is "completa."

"I think two children is enough," 32-year-old Lucena… Continue

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Isaac Rocco

My mission is to dedicate myself to bringing a satisfied conclusion to the purchase or sale of your real estate. I will place your best interest in the highest regard throughout the process of our transaction. I make a positive difference in our client’s lives by striving for excellence at all times. I am committed to our clients having “the best real estate experience they’ve ever had."

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A historic day for Martinez, exiles


WASHINGTON - On the day he was sworn in to the U.S. Senate, Mel Martinez stood under the marble dome that symbolizes the nation's majesty and outlined his agenda in two languages -- English and Spanish.

Read more at: Miami Herald

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Hispanics in the work place

In the facility where I work there are only 2 hispanics my self and another officer. We are a vital instrument to this facility because we are the only two that can translate issues to none english speaking detainees, but as we both see it as vital as we are they seem to take advantage of our skill but not want to reward us for our use of the spanish language. We put in for promotional positions and are always looked over and not even the black individuals are promoted around here. Every… Continue

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Mortgage bankers wooing bilingual military veterans

WASHINGTON – The nation’s mortgage bankers are so eager to add bilingual loan officers that they have teamed up with lenders, two Hispanic groups and the Defense Department to recruit and train retiring members of the military. The Washington-based Mortgage Bankers Association this fall announced Welcome Home, a recruitment program that offers tuition-free online training. The hope is to produce 1,000 residential and commercial lending graduates a year from those leaving the military and to… Continue

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City attracting more Hispanics

Tallahassee may be more "cheese grits" than "black beans and rice," but Ralph Avila hasn't ever regretted moving here from South Florida. "People clearly know I'm Hispanic and where I'm from," said Avila, president of Tallahassee's All American Ford dealership since March 2003. "Being Cuban becomes a point of conversation."

Avila is part of a growing cadre of Hispanic professionals in the capital, lured by the same quality that snares other transplants: Tallahassee's small-town… Continue

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Hispanic-American Youths Less Likely to Receive ADHD Diagnosis

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects about 2 million children and teens in the United States. Making the diagnosis of ADHD is the first step toward treatment, but ethnic and regional differences may affect a child's likelihood of receiving an ADHD diagnosis. Researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and the University of Florida in Gainesville examined the frequency of ADHD diagnoses, the prescription of… Continue

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Irma Flores Gonzales

SANTA FE (AP) - Irma Flores Gonzales, who was active in the Hispanic community for decades, has died. The El Paso native, who lived in Santa Fe for the past few years, was 62 when she died Christmas Eve after a battle with cancer. Flores Gonzales had been working as an adviser and community needs consultant for regional and national foundations in the United States, Mexico and Latin America.

She recently received The Unity Council’s Herman Gallegos Exceptional Leadership Award for… Continue

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