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Jobfairs - Exhibitor FAQ for upcoming job fairs

How many candidates are expected in each LatPro/NSHP job fair?
We expect around 500 candidates per job fair. LatPro and NSHP connected over 24,000 candidates with more than 860 employers in since 2006.

What is the ethnic background for expected candidates at LatPro/NSHP job fairs?
Bilingual and multilingual Hispanic professionals.

What are the job functions and industries expected to attend LatPro/NSHP job fairs?
All job functions and industries are represented in the job fairs.

What are the education levels on expected candidates at LatPro/NSHP job fairs?

Which job seekers will be invited and expected to attend LatPro/NSHP job fairs?
- 23,000 NSHP members nationwide
- LatPro registered candidates (see Real-Time LatPro Demographics)
Members of LatPro network partners nationwide
- Bilingual and multilingual Hispanic professionals targeted during the multimedia campaign.

An extensive promotional campaign will be executed 2 months in advance of each job fair.
The campaign may include but is not limited to:

- Print media such as newspapers and periodicals, including major English and Spanish publications.
- Public exposure through billboards, campus posters, inserts and more.
- Air time on targeted radio stations.
- Online marketing including targeted Email campaigns and online postings.

- Social media and online marketing campaigns.
- Personalized mail.
- Candidate phone call invitations.
- TV spots/interviews on local Hispanic News Stations when available.

Which employers will be invited and expected to exhibit at LatPro/NSHP job fairs?
Advertising Agencies
Fortune 1,000 companies
Government Organizations
Hispanic Associations
NSHP current sponsors
LatPro’s current clients
LatPro network of 80 Hispanic professional organizations
Not-for-profit organizations
Medium and small local organizations
Universities and Colleges

Which employers have exhibited in previous LatPro/NSHP job fairs?
Many Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and Hispanic organizations have already participated in LatPro/NSHP job fair series.
Click here to see a list of 2007 exhibitors.
Click here to see a list of 2008 exhibitors.
Click here to see a list of 2009 exhibitors.

How many employers are expected to exhibit in each LatPro/NSHP job fair?
We expect around 50 employers depending on the location of the job fair.

Previous testimonials?
"Very happy! High level Personal Banker hired, 3 Call Center Reps Hired"

"Excellent Job Fair, the best one we have attended so far and by far."

"Well organized. Found several potential candidates for some of our recruiting positions."

More testimonials: Companies

How do I sign up my company?

Download the form to reserve a booth for any of the 2012 LatPro/NSHP job fair series. There are various sponsorship options available which are detailed in the registration form.

2013 LatPro Diversity Job Fair Series:

We have already signed up for one or more Career Fairs, how do I post our profile and openings?
A representative from NSHP will send you instructions with the steps to follow and will be available to assist you in the process.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us:

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With 19,000+ members, the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals and free to join.



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