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After our events we send a survey to jobseekers to get their feedback. These are some of the testimonials we received from candidates attending our Dallas Job Fair that was held in February 2007.

"I would like to add that after many months of applying to different positions online, and attending few career fairs, the NSHP career fair was very well prepared, and in fact help me to land a job. Thank you so much for your help. You make a big difference in our hispanic communities."

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend this job fair, I met with a wonderful recruiter and landed the best job in the world."

"You guys do a great job! This is the FIRST career fair I've attended and I wasn't very excited about going as I'd previewed the openings that the representative companies had open. You prompted me to try it out.I just talked to 3 companies about positions and ended up landing interviews with 2 of them. I have been offered and have accepted a job with one! Thanks for helping me put myself out there. I found that the job is much more than the description and that came about by speaking to the recruiter and subsequent interviews. Help with parking $ would have been great but that's probably not standard."

"This is my first time that went to the 2007 NSHP in Dallas...Thank you so much NSHP... "That day you made me feel good, and you made my day""

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With 20,000+ members, the National Society for Hispanic Professionals is the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals. It's free to join and this is a great place for you to connect with new people who share your interests, BUT it's not for selling or promoting your business. Join us today and ask here if in doubt about our policy.

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With 19,000+ members, the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals and free to join.



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