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Hi, Michelle. I'm wondering if you have read The Angel's Game yet? It's set in Barcelona and I think it has won awards.

I'm asking because it was kind of flat until about halfway through. Then, it came to life. I'm wondering if they changed translators?

I'm enjoying it, and can't wait to see if I've guessed who the mysterious character who wants Martin to write a book really is: the devil, maybe?

I'm not much for game-playing, so I'm probably way off, lol!

What are you reading?


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Hi Janelle. I have not read it. I'm still trying to finish Eclipse from the Twilight Saga. I have not been able to read much these last few weeks. I think this whole series is starting to get boring; only because it consumes so much of my time! Lol.
Maybe I should give it a rest and try The Angle's Game! I'll be going by Half Price Books this weekend. Any suggestions?
Michelle, not much has interested me since Three Cups of Tea and The Guernsey Literary Society. But recently, I saw The Melagro Bean Fields movie and I was enchanted. I'm thinking of picking up the book.
I stopped reading the Twilight books after the first one. It was too engrossing, and I didn't get my own writing done. When it was all over, I couldn't say it had done anything to enrich my life. Tea, Guernsey, and possibly, Melagro, are more my style...
Happy reading! Where is everybody???


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