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un employed sculpture, But working for that some day. it's hard time but a good time to restart.

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I know the feeling...I've been searching to work in advertising/tv/studio for the past 6 years. For now I work as a part-time language instructor at an international language school. I look forward to go and take video editing lessons to have an additional skill to ad to my CV. I do love video editing!!! I dream of going back to TV and edit, edit, edit...and, who knows? Someday edit a project of great significance.
Dedi love your name I wish you all the luck to bad that you live far away. One must do by doing. One must work with what one has. So get too work and keep on keeping on. If one has the gift or the love for what one dose that what it all about.
Estoy maravillada por tu creatividad tallando. Terminé estudios de maestría en Educación Musical. Soy canta/autora, pianista, guitarrista e historiadora musical, especialista en la música campesina. En unos momentos de mi vida estuve de estudiante desempleada y me tuve que adaptar a mi realidad musical. Te entiendo como artista. Espero que le den una oportunidad a tu talento. Saludos, MEC
Maria Lo importante es lo que uno pienza de si miso y palante palante como un elefonte el resto quda en las mano de la historia y los historiadores No se si veremos en nestra reaidad.

These are some beautiful sculptures. Have you looked into holding an art exhibit or auction?
Hi and Thanks for likeing my art but it hard too get exhibitcions it all take money. I hope that some one like it to the point that they buy some from what they see on the web davidelindio@yahoo.com I not a good sale person but I feel that I am the best at what I do To keep our culture alive if ever on the island feel free to look me up thank agian

These sculptures are so beautiful. You really have talented. I have a sister who paints and she also wishes to find a way to market her paintings and paint for a living. Painting is what brings her happiness. Keep up the good work and best of luck


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