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Hi all,
Wondering if any current (or future) Philly Group members are working in Human Resources and are interested in networking?
If so, please feel free to send me a message to connect!
Sharon (SPHR)

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Hey Sharon, Welcome. I'm from Philly and currently looking for a full-time position in HR. How about yourself?
Hi Orlando,
I'm currently employed in HR operations at Unisys - always looking to keep up on a professional network with others in HR, especially in our region. Are you seeking a generalist or specialist role? In the city or suburbs? What level or type of work are you seeking?
Hi Sharon, I've functioned as a HR trainer and as the manager of organizational development/employee and labor relations. I enjoyed the ER/EL role very much but I'm open to various role within HR either in the city or sububs. I am attaching a sample resume. Thanks so much for your response back to me.

Another thought to bridge you to next employer - you might be interested in the temp to perm HR roles offered throught Continuiti. http://www.continuiti.com/aboutus.html.
Another HR networking group Whine and Dine (on Yahoo Groups) has regular network events in the area. The June Launch event is taking place at 6pm tonight at the OIive Garden in downtown Philadelphia. Check them out when you have a chance!


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