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What are your thoughts on these? Have any of you done these? I am thinking of possibly joining up in one this summer through dallascountybootcamps, its a 4 wk class 3 or 5x's a week.

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Hey Marie, how have you been? These camps are great, if you want to jolt your body! If you have a good instructor, they will kick your butt, but it will be fun and you will be forced to do things you would not normally do. I would go for it, but be open to pain (good pain).
I am all about muscle confusion, not routine. I have been doing alot of stretching and as much as I don't like water, I have been drinking lots of it already too.

A lot of this programs is that they do work. We just have to follow them, and they will be benneficial to us as long as we go and do them every day. "Just Do It" mentality.

I personally have gone to similar programs and they are very intense. So,make sure to take your physical exam and bring one of your smoking, drinking friends (the one talking about quitting everything) to join with you so he or she goes with you through this adventure . Accountability buddies type of thing. It is also fun and will kick you when ever you want to quit.

Now make sure not to become wonder woman on day one. Take it easy, you body will ache anyway, no matter what you do, just drink plenty of water and gatorade.now talking about pain yes, it is unavoidable feel it and make sure you come back the next day. Do not bring excuses, come back the next day and after the workout you will feel better. The bootcamps are designed to help you quick-start and re-designing your life. change your habits, so you can for the right way and get fit.

This is an idea I can give you to keep yourself motivated "SETUP A GOAL" and "FIND A HUGE REWARD FOR YOUR EFFORTS" A trip to Cancun, Celebrate a winter vacation in Hawaii or Jamaica.... find something that will make you work hard for what you want and it will be great ..

Justt a thought...it can be fun

Thanks for your response. As a matter of fact I want to quick start because I am lazy when it comes to exercise and not at all motivated, I will probably curse like a sailor the first week. I am planning to go to Vegas end of July that's also why I want to do this bootcamp. I will definately be blogging about it and let you guys know how I do. It starts in July for 4wks, 3x's a wk.
We should have on in chicago, it's starting to get nice out!
Marie did you ever get into one?


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