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First, I would like to congratulate all the new college graduates of 2009....In todays Bi-polar,ADHD,ADD,OD world we live in..to finish anything is a feat in itself....that being said...I have to tell you the fact that our learning instuitions are truly not preparing our new breed of professionals to act proactively..is amazing!!!...I have seen a flood of resumes come accross my desk in the last two weeks ...from recent or near graduates, I might add....This tells me that these fine young minds have been sitting on thier rump for the past two years doing nothing to secure a position in this competitive market .....we now call a career forum...WOW!! What the heck is going on here...why is'nt there a preparation course for finding a career, before you graduate...securing a position through internships and volunteer work is as much essential to aquiring career social skills as it is to preparing our new underlings for the 9-7 routine that will carry them to retirement!!!..Just a word to the newly wise...Start looking in your Junior Year for any networking opportunity , opening positions or internships in the field of study your parents layed all that money out for!!!! You have to do some "Research"....As the hiring VP of Utopia Communications (A National PR firm with 5 Offices) I have had the pleasure of hiring some new dynamos BUT..they are usually my interns from previous years..these "students" sought out my company, did research on us and submitted thier resume...These are the Graduates that get positions...Do you know why?....They did thier homework!!!

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Amen to doing homework, My friends, family, fellow networkers didn't give me the nickname "Information Specialist". I am constantly doing all types of research because I enjoy doing it. I enjoy learning for the fun of it. Do people even do that anymore? My dad said it doesn't matter if you are "researching" for pleasure, school, or a job but "research" is the key to staying up to par with tons of knowledge and understanding and yes you can have fun along the way. Thanks for sharing Elliott!


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With 19,000+ members, the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals and free to join.



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