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Hispanic HR Professionals Members (100)

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Bernice Guity

Atlanta, United States

Wolfgang Roberto Trampe

Cincinnati, OH, United States

Rey Hernandez

Bentonville, AR, United States

Ray & Linda Rios

Tucson, AZ, United States

Donae Minor

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Paula Garlen

United States

Mike Chernesky

Oak Brook, IL, United States

Kevin R. Barrios

Houston, TX, United States

leo Gonzalez

Corona, CA, United States

Dianith D. Gibbs

Frederick, MD, United States

george montanye

Dallas, TX, United States

Carmen Yasmin Fotsch

Wellington, CO, United States

Fernando Eduardo Nuno

Corona, CA, United States

Teresa Munguia

Goodyear, AZ, United States

Phil Solis

Humble, TX, United States

Xavier Emilio Sanchez

Houston, TX, United States

About NSHP

With 20,000+ members, the National Society for Hispanic Professionals is the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals. It's free to join and this is a great place for you to connect with new people who share your interests, BUT it's not for selling or promoting your business. Join us today and ask here if in doubt about our policy.

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With 19,000+ members, the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals and free to join.



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