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Here's a chance for us to learn more about one another. Let's all share who in our lives has most inspired us to succeed.

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My Mom. she has lived a hard life, a life that could make one hell of a movie. one day she told me about all the things that happen to her when she was young and when i was young. people i loved i found out treated her bad. i wondered why she would tell me all this. i guess she got tired of holding it in. Like the typical latina, she is the rock of the family and i call her my angel on earth. 2nd. my dad. 72 yrs old and works in a warehouse. he leaves at 530 am and comes home 630pm monday - friday and saturdays 530am - 430pm , he never takes vacation and only went to Mexico last year. only because his younger brother passed away. i know im lucky to have 2 great people to look up too.
Christ has always led me to a place thats right for me.
How's everybody, who has inspired me??? good question
short version:
Well for me it will be my parents and my grandparents, I'm sure some of you will agree with me.
They are survivor and they have and gain a lots of experience thru life. They are our first teachers,
they push us to become better and they show us not to give up and to fight for our dreams.


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