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Hello all

I hope everyone had great holiday filled with joy, family and food...lol Well just wanted to get a meet n greet started for the Chicago group. I know of a nice pool hall off of randulph near greektown. its nice and clean and not no ghetto pool hall. we can meet there, have a drink and also have some food and of course play pool or in my case pretend like im playing pool. The place is called G cue and if we do it on a friday or saturday night we can also walk to the near nite clubs , there are a few near there. Ok so i just wanna get feed back from others, i also would like to know of any ideas you may have . know of any other fun places? or great ideas of how we should meet ? let me know.


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Sounds good to me!
!Buen idea!
Hey Hammstah

so any ideas on the type of meet n greet you would like?
I'm up for it.

On a side note...question for anyone...is there a difference between NSHP & HispanicPro? I'm new to both, and it looks like they are the same. Just curious as to why they wouldn't be consolidated to 1 site.
Here's a little bit of information about the National Society for Hispanic Professionals, I hope this helps!

The National Society for Hispanic Professionals (NSHP), a non-profit organization with more than 20,000 registered members, works to empower Hispanic professionals with connections, networking and leadership opportunities, as well as information on education, scholarships, careers and entrepreneurship. NSHP seeks to ensure the inclusion of Hispanics in corporate America at a level commensurate with the representation of Hispanic Americans within our communities.

The NSHP network is a tool developed for NSHP. It is here to provide more of a hands-on networking experience for NSHP members, and those dedicated to the advancement of Hispanic Professionals. NSHP is a national organization with participants from all over the country and even the world.

Members of HispanicPro (A chicago based Ning site with fewer than 400 members centered in the Chicago area) would be welcome join our network for a national networking experience.
Hey Ike
Thank you for your reply and questions. ok this much i know , the parking is street parking, randolph st you should be able to fine a spot. you can google G cue billiards and there site looks good. i know of a certain fee we can reserve a spot for us with catered food or we can do ala cart . i think and im too sure yet but i think we can have a spot for us in the lower level. i know fridays and saturdays are busy times , just figured if we all have a good time we can all go to the nearest club on lake st. just a idea. ok the club is on morgan st between lake st and randolph. I tried doin a xmas gathering with my co workers and i believe with catering an pool use it was coming out to be something like 20 bucks a person. i might be wrong.
I do not know the place called G but give me the address and I see if I can attend- If some one has better suggestions I am always open to meet people-Last year I used to be the operation field Manager for (singles ) for a company from Toronto Canada. The "ice breker" game is very easy to when you have already the group. I can send you different games and links for anyone to enjoy, even if I am not there.

Hi Nayra
the place is called G cue its on morgan and randolph. im always open to new ideas.
I like this idea! I'm in!
Sounds good!
Great Idea... let me pitch the idea of bowling(not that i bowl much but it has great lounge /bar). LuckyStrike downtown is a great location as well and plenty of parking.
I'm game for what ever the majority decides. by the way great initiative Rick.

Thanks, ive heard of LuckyStrike. I heard its a cool place to hangout. Bowling sounds good, im actually gonna be doing Cops4kids bowling in feb, good way to get warmed up to that. oh and for the record, im not a super bowler..lol


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With 25,000+ members, the National Society for Hispanic Professionals is the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals.



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