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As the Chicago Chapter grows, it is important that members get to know one another and interact. Let's start with some simple, but fun introductions. Feel free to answer any or all of the below questions, and add any other information you'd like to share about yourself.

1. Name
2. Occupation
3. Favorite Book
4. Your hobbies or pastimes
5. What famous person (dead or alive) would you most like to have dinner with?

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1. Luis Narvaez-Gete (Oak Park, IL)
2. College Counselor
3. From my childhood memories, Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is my all-time favorite
4. Outside of work, I enjoy playing and watching sports (big soccer fan) as well as bike riding, traveling, and reading
5. I would like to meet Benito Juarez, Mexico's first indigenous president. His motto of "The respect to other people's rights is peace" should be followed by all of us for a more peaceful society.
6 (other). I am looking to network/socialize with people in the near west suburbs of Chicago.
Jode Ocampo
Office Manager
Heritage Books
Working on cars
Frida Kahlo
Hi Ricardo,
Mi name is Manuel Pacheco and specialize in Marketing & Photography
I am Marketing Director of detourmaps, very unique concept for communities.
La ciudad de las bestias is a nice book to relax (Isabel Allende)
Sports Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Ping Pong.
Nice dinner could be with Madona
1. Name- Veronica Ruiz
2. Occupation- Administration(Wind Energy)
3. Favorite Book- Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey
4. Your hobbies or pastimes- Bowling, cooking, dance & music, museums.
5. What famous person (dead or alive) would you most like to have dinner with? George Lopez
Cesar Jauridez
Assistant Manager
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn
Sports (I am too into sports)
Michael Jordan
Yvette Rios
Manager in Call Center Industry
Drama Suspense Bppks are my favorite
Family, Friends, and Swimming
Robin Williams I love to laugh and good humor
Jose Agassini
DM for LERS--Dir. of RegistrosMexicanos.com and CEO for PrehispanicShop.com
48 Laws of Power
workout, and go to the beach
Helen Hunt
1. Lindsay Kulla
2. Recruiter at True Value Company
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Reading and hanging out with friends
5. Abraham Lincoln
Veronica Loewy
Human Rights Investigator
1,000 Places to See Before You Die or books on useless facts
Hiking in the jungle or forest
Any former Director of the CIA to find out top secret government secrets
Born and raised in Chicago, now residing in Atlanta, GA, my families from Puerto Rico.

1. Victor Antonio
2. Sales Trainer and Author
3. "The Greatest Miracle in the World" (Og Mandino)
4. I like to read and write
5. Dinner with Ayn Rand (Philosopher)

Carlos Velazquez
Financial Services Associate, Prudential
The Sum of All Fears
Golf, Church activities, International Travel
Jim Morrison from The Doors
Jose G. Cruz
Currently unemployed (have worked in sales for over 20 years). Looking to build my own home business.
The Strangest Secret - Earl Nightingale, Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill, and others.
Reading, learning, excercising, community involvement and family.
Jose Silva (founder of Silva Mind Institute).


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