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Ok here goes the info and you guys tell me what you think, we can change the location if you want.
Here is the website http://www.g-cuechicago.com/. Now. for $20 per person not including tax and tip, we get food, a area that is roped off, 3 nice couches with a fireplace and we can stay there as long as we want. extras rental of the pool table is $14 a hour and we have to give a down payment, i said it could be for 15 - 20 people. and remember friday there is a DJ and we meet there at 800pm. now if we dont wanna pay that much we can just go and hangout there ala carte. meet there at 700pm when its less crowded and just pay for the pool tables and our own food and drinks. i know it sounds pricey and understand if you guys wanna change location, but seriously give me your feed back, in the mean time ill keep working on other places.

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This sounds fine, Rick. Let see what the others think. Thanks for all the research!
im thinking it might be a bit expensive. all that and we still gotta add tax, tip and whatever drinks you buy. plus its $14 hr to rent a pool table. Im gonna look for other places, the bowling place downtown ,we can do but parking is the problem. or we can do bowling at Waveland, its cool at night, its all colored up. im sure we can fine something.
whats going on everybody!!! Let me start by saying Happy 2009!!!!
The Gcue is wonderful.... the $20 is not bad at all
You could count on me, I there for the food and couple drinks...
but which Friday???

I want to make sure, it's $20 for food + tax n tip and an area reserved. $14/hr for a pool table and you have to buy drinks? If that's the case - - I don't know. Thank you Rick for your work and time on this!
i know its a bit expensive, but im tryin for something a bit cheapers but nice. little mind is still on the works..lol
well sorry to say things kinda fell thru. i didnt get much feed time and well time just passed me up so quickly. how about Zocalo on onatario? fridays they have DJ i think it starts at 10:00pm, but if we rsvp from 9- 10 they have drinks and some food and we can kinda mingle. Zocalo is a Tequila bar , its off of ontario and ohio st. everyone let know what you all think. doesnt have to be this friday if you all do want it to be.
Did anyone attend?
No :( plans fell thru. so maybe i can get something together. how about meeting up to get a cool workout? i started taking ZUMBA classes. the instructor is charging very cheap. $1 a class . took my first class yesturday and it was cool. come join in the fun.


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