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Climbing the Corporate Ladder

We all have gone out on a job interview but what would happen if you were faced with the dilemma of going out on an interview after 10 years. As an Executive Coach and executive search consultant, we tell our clients to focus on your F.A.B.  Most professionals I have interviewed and spoke to often find themselves out of their comfort zone leaving the interview to chance. 


F-      Features

A-     Accomplishments

B-      Benefits


Here are some key points that Coach Don recommends.


  1. Set your priorities

Ask yourself what is it that is most important to you in your career?   In a recent article written Dr. Michael Wayne PH.D The story “Low destiny lifestyle” a high number of people stated they hated their job. 

Due to the Economy and the job market, Coach Don states that now is the best time to make a career move.  The fact is companies are always looking for great talent. With more companies looking for leadership you might find that you are ready to climb that career ladder.


As an executive search consultant companies come to the Domar group to help them find top talent. This billion dollar recruiting market makes recruiting firm a great place to start your professional relationship with.  The fact is most senor level positions are filled by recruiting firms. 


Don’t risk your chance on personality alone what you need is a plan to get you to the right company and the right position.


  1. Mastering the Art of Communication

Let me ask you a simple question? How would you describe your communication style?

It no surprise that most people well say they are pretty good communicators.

When it come to interviewing, I feel this question stops more professionals in their track no matter how educated you are, I have tested the hard question in spot interviews with Executive MBA business schools.   Many of the people interviewing are people one day seeking to taken on a position within the C-level suit.   As good as they are there are three items they have yet to master. Coach Don in his Book Mastering the Art of Communication talks about the important of the 3P principals. 


P- Prepare


P- Practice


Lack of preparation is the number one problem Coach Don See’s most people are faced with. A good personality might get you in the front door but not having a plan on practicing your F.A.B. will lead you to wonder what went wrong.


If you are someone that has been experience the frustration of understanding how to propel your career hire coach. Coach Don has worked with high achievers that looked for Coach Don to help them land their next career position. Don’t leave your career to chance.


For more information on Coach Don coaching program email coachwithdon@domargroup.com 




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