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Corruption in Butte County Sheriff's -Does 911 Mean Anything Anymore??

My daughter, Genevieve is divorcing SHAE ENRIQUEZ and he just so happens to be very tight and VERY CLOSE to Butte County Sheriff's Deputy Officer Vong Vang. it's not just a coincidence that as soon as SHAE ENRIQUEZ became a scorned ex-husband, Vang threw Genevieve back in jail for, get this: ATTENDING TOO MANY NA/AA CLASSES and now she's facing FALSE charges of ESCAPE FROM PRISON!.

About a month and a half ago is when Genevieve and i called 911 on SHAE a few times because he was jumping our fence like a monkey and in Gen's face then he broke the gate and punched holes in the walls of our house and he stole myweed-eater because he needed something to get a new bike after his was stolen.

then SHAE was calling incessantly and i mean non-stop leaving the most terrifying messages on our home phone--16 in all. Finally the phone stopped ringing and that's when Genevieve got scared. She was visibly shaken.

we unwittingly called her supervising deputy Officer Vang so that he could listen to the messages thinking that he would help us keep SHAE at bay, but he didn't even take down the information we were giving him nor did he file a report.

we had to call Oroville Police Department and they ultimately did file an incident report. she was in the process of filing a restraining order against that guy-SHAE when she was picked up for escaping from prison on May 15, 2013. OFFICER VANG'S CO-DEPUTIES were waiting for her to leave the house under the guise that she was permitted to go to registration at Butte College and when she stopped to find her destination they rushed her, arrested her and charged her with felony ESCAPE from prison. she was wearing an ACS-GPS ankle bracelet that monitors her every move.

and NO she did not cut it off and No she was not running she was doing exactly what they told her to do. now i find out that they PLANTED ENOUGH DRUGS ON HER TO MAKE SURE ALL THE CHARGES WOULD STICK!!

first of all every time Shae had one of his jealous rages, Vang had her arrested. How can anyone get arrested for ATTENDING TOO MANY AA/NA classes??

that was the time that he was jealous of the guy that picking Gen up to get to class. coincedental? i think not.

she recently got a letter from him that was vicious where he was making fun of her false arrest and his involvement. the cops let her receive that letter?

How come when i sent her a letter and they refused it. i'm her mother, for God's sakes. what harm could i bring to her or to law enforcement in a letter?

this is so wrong.

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