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There are multiple components of an effective one page proposal. Before I get to the specifics, you should first understand the need of the organization whose support you are requesting. Throughout the proposal, you must convey your ability to fulfill a need and your understanding of it.

Biography – The short bio is usually one paragraph in length and conveys your most relevant experiences and abilities. The content in this section should clearly suggest that you have the experiences and abilities for meeting a need, developing a product or resolving the problem.

Proposal Body

Introduction – The first sentence may include a general statement about the need or problem you are attempting to address. Some professionals may choose to mention the organization’s previous efforts or their ability or position to address this need. By the time you reach the third sentence, you should identify the proposal's purpose, for example: “I am requesting capital from Company X for the resolution of…”

Call to Action – This section may specify the problem or need that you hope to address. Each sentence may detail one component of the problem. You may choose to refer to research or other groups who have outlined or are attempting to address the problem or need. Your last sentence may suggest action for example, “The combination of these issues calls for... and your organization is positioned to…

Objectives – The objectives paragraph may detail the specific components of your services or plan and how these will address the organization’s need. Be specific! And you may choose to indicate that you are willing to alter your services in accordance with the organization's needs or you will collaborate with professionals already employed by the organization.

Resource Request – Here is where you formally request resources… Once again, it helps to be specific! For example, “My standard consulting fee is XXXX and covers XXXX amt. of hours during a standard work week and does not cover travel expenditures. I will also need informational resources…. " You may decide that you are willing to negotiate on your rate based on the availability of resources and the organization’s needs.

Timing – Providing an estimate as to how long it will take to address the need, solve the problem, or create the product should be helpful to the organization… and when you can start working…

E-mail – If you send the proposal via e-mail you might say “I communicated with ‘Charlie Brown’ and he/she suggested sending a one page proposal detailing my services…. I am looking forward to working with you and Your Company in the future.

Other Materials –Attach a page that details the specific aspects of the plan or budget if necessary. Attach your resume or vitae if it conveys your ability to resolve the need.

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Wow Jason! Very well said!! I never thought to look at it this way! I had a friend who did something similiar to this proposal but on back of a business card, do you think that is professional? Have a great wkn!
Interesting! The business card approach seems ideal and is something that I would like to try in the future. Along these lines, I am making the assumption that this person's services are typed out on the back of the business card and it has a professional look and feel.

I will say that the organization may still request a more formal proposal if they are unfamiliar with you or your work. Or they may make this request to get approval from other managers within the organization.

In the future, I would like to alter a proposal that I have created and post it on the web so people can see what one actually looks like. It is one thing to talk about writing a proposal and it's another thing to actually see one.
Hi Jason,
Are you looking for feedback for proposals or for the information you provided?


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