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Hello! The Federal Government is Hiring!
President Obama wants to make Public Service Cool!

I realize that navagating the Office of Personnel Managment (OPM) usa jobs website may be a challenge, but it is worth it. The Federal Government has thousands of open jobs that it is seeking to fill. You can apply today. Please go to:


Must be a US Citizen to apply.

Resume Tips:
Please write all of your experience, training and accomplishments on your resume. The database can take up to 3,000 words per job. The database also allows you to save up to 5 versions of your resume.

Marketing our skills is such a vital skill to develop. In my experience, it is challenging to analyze yourself as a product that you can promote. The reality is that we must absoloutely become masterful promoters of the value we add to our employers. In my research I have discovered a method that may help others and I wish to share it.

YPRO needed to publicize its existence and services in order to attract more young professionals to participate.
Developed a plan of activities to recruit new members.
Created a presentation that could be delivered at orientation classes.
Obtained space on the agenda for each orientation.
Conducted YPRO presentations for all orientations of new Civil Service and Foreign Service personnel.
Designed ways to publicize YPRO events broadly throughout the Department.
Posted event flyers and sent emails prior to each event.
Made an announcement at the conclusion of each event, requesting that those attending talk with others about YPRO and the benefits of participation.
Increased YPRO participation by 225% in one year.

The bullet comment for your resume:
Designed and implemented a plan to publicize YPRO to the entire State Department, including making presentations at all new employee orientations, which increased YPRO participation by 225% in one year.

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Hola, I agree that the government has many positions that are great! The problem I have encountered is that many of those positions require a secret clearance at some level. The average citizen probably does not have a clearance!
Question. How do we get that secret clearence? that everybody talk about. any advice?
A Secret Clearance is easy to get. Unfortunately, you must be in a job that requires a clearance or have accepted a tentative offer that requires a clearance. When you accept the position and do not have a clearance, they will start a background check on you. You must be a US Citizen and complete the required documentation. Whether its a hard copy of an SF86 (you can google the form) of an online version of it like Eqip. The first thing that will happen is they will check your criminal background and then your credit. A Secret clearance usually takes about 60 to 90 days to complete. Some of the reasons that the clearance may be delayed in being adjudicated are if you claim dual citizen status or if they find out that someone did not tell the truth on the paperwork they submitted.


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