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Has anyone read the book The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki???


"One reason I have such strong respect for network marketing is that it is a genuine equal-opportunity business.  Network marketing casts a very wide net. When you look closely at the more than sixty million people worldwide who are engaged in the business, you'll find people of every color and creed, every age group, and every level of background, experience, and skill."

"This also makes it the business of the future.  In the 21st century, we are realizing as never before that wealth, as I said earlier, is not a zero-sum game.  It's not a question of some of us prospering by holding others down.  The future of  genuine wealth lies in pioneering ways of doing business that elevate the financial well-being of humanity."

"Those are my personal business values, and network marketing shares those values.  And championing those values not only feels good--it's also good business."


Hispanics are realizing their financial independence throughout the United States and other countries like the Dominican Republic through network marketing.

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With 19,000+ members, the top US networking association for Hispanic professionals and free to join.



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