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State Farm Agent Needed to Replace a Retiring Agent in Carrollton! Spanish Bilingual Preferred!!

Our Agents

What it takes

Being a State Farm agent isn’t for everyone. It takes a financial commitment, time, and effort to build your business and keep it thriving. You must be:

  • Driven to do work that matters
  • Ready to make a difference in the lives of those you serve
  • Energized by challenge
  • Committed to the business
  • Willing to accept risk
  • Eager to expand your income potential

The Face of State Farm

As the face of State Farm in your community, you are an independent contractor and CEO of your business. Having your own business offers the flexibility you need to balance work and life.


You are an exclusive agent for State Farm products – and a marketing partner for a company that has been called "One of America’s Greatest Brands."1

You have more than 90 individual products to choose from to help State Farm customers.


From day one, your name is synonymous with an industry leader – the No. 1 insurer of cars and homes and one of the largest insurers in the United States.

You are the face of State Farm, with more than 68,000 Company employees behind you who are committed to helping you exceed customer expectations.


Your Business, Our Brand

You benefit from the significant investment State Farm makes to highlight the brand and support agents through local and national marketing and advertising efforts. From events like Major League Baseball's State Farm Home Run Derby, to national advertising campaigns, our efforts and events often showcase real State Farm agents.


Some of these efforts include high-profile professional and collegiate sports sponsorships and major media advertising.


Company Support

Helping you get started

Few entrepreneurial opportunities offer the level of training and support provided by State Farm. That’s why we have one of the highest new agent retention rates in the industry.


Throughout the Selection Process, we help you work toward becoming an Approved Candidate. Approved Candidates who successfully complete a full-time, paid internship are appointed as 12-Month Term Independent Contractor Agents (TICA). This appointment includes a generous signing bonus and an additional bonus at the beginning of the second year.


As an independent contractor agent, you are responsible for all business expenses. State Farm also provides significant support to help you manage those expenses, including:

  • Furniture and equipment at a low monthly price
  • Competitive-rate loans to assist with start-up costs
  • Computers, phones, and related tools at little or no cost


Your office may have your name on it, but you are not alone. Extensive, ongoing support is at your fingertips throughout your State Farm agent career:

  • From training and development, to business planning and world-class marketing assistance, your local Agency Field Office helps you become a more strategic leader of your agency.
  • Your Administrative Services (facilities), Claims, Public Affairs, and Underwriting partners are here to provide expert help and resources at the local level.
  • Agency/Sales Resources is dedicated to providing personal assistance with business operations, including things like compensation, licensing, contract dealings, incentive programs, and more.
  • The Bank Response Center staff is ready to assist customers and agents with any State Farm Bank® deposit- or loan-related business.
  • Well-trained professionals at our Customer Response Center are here 24/7 to assist State Farm customers and agents. When your office is closed, we take good care of customers and provide all the information you may need to follow up.
  • You don’t have to be a computer whiz. The Insurance Support Center provides 24/7 computer and IT support for you.
  • Internal Sales Support helps agents who are registered to market securities and financial services products. Licensed representatives can lend you a hand before, during, or after client meetings

Costs & Compensation

What does it cost?

Investment amounts can vary greatly by market. Imagine all the variables between establishing your business in a major city versus a small community or between moving into existing office space or establishing a brand new office.


As an independent contractor agent, you are responsible for all business expenses but State Farm provides significant support to help manage those expenses:

Once you've been selected, you begin a paid internship with complete State Farm employee benefits.

  • Once appointed as a 12-Month Term Independent Contractor Agent (TICA), you receive a generous signing bonus; then an additional bonus at the beginning of your second year.
  • State Farm also provides furniture and equipment at a low monthly price, competitive-rate loans to assist with start-up costs, and computers, phones, and related tools at little or no cost.
  • Relocation benefits may also apply.

During the Selection Process, I will help guide you on specific cost considerations for the market area or areas you are interested in. Your current financial situation will be an important part of those discussions.


How does compensation work?

Compensation and benefits are among the reasons State Farm has such a high agent retention rate.


There are lots of ways State Farm agents earn compensation and qualify for travel and other incentives. Different products have different compensation structures, which your State Farm recruiting contact can outline for you in detail.


Your hard work, skills, and achievement may be rewarded through:

  • Auto and Fire insurance base, variable, and incentive components
  • Financial services base compensation, product line bonus payments for certain product lines and incentive component
  • A Life business development allowance (applicable for first year paid Life)
  • Premium Builder Payments (new market opportunities and certain assignments)
  • First-class trips in the United States, Canada, and worldwide
  • Company and industry recognition programs

To assist you with retirement:

  • State Farm offers an Annual Investment Payment Program. There is a five‐year vesting period (waived if you are a State Farm employee with 15 years or more of service). Active agents are eligible for 20 annual payments.

Why State Farm?

As a leader known for financial strength, community involvement, and customer service, State Farm is one of the most recognizable brands in North America. But that’s just the beginning.


Did you know State Farm:

  • Has one of the highest new agent retention rates in the industry
  • Provides extensive Company Support for its agents
  • Is the largest insurer in the United States
  • Has been the No. 1 insurer of cars since 1942
  • Has been the No. 1 insurer of homes since 1964
  • Is one of the leading boat insurers in the U.S.
  • Has almost 79 million in-force policies in the U.S. and Canada, and nearly two million bank accounts
  • Provides 24/7 customer care centers
  • Has a state-of-the-art claims network capable of handling 30,000 to 40,000 claims a day
  • Dedicates more than 68,000 Company employees to helping agents meet the needs of customers
  • Has achieved a Top 50 or higher Fortune 500 ranking since 1995
  • Receives consistently high financial strength ratings from A.M. Best’s, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch Ratings

Add to these facts the significant investment State Farm makes in partnerships to help build stronger, safer, better-educated communities, and your industry leader becomes a powerhouse corporate citizen.


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