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I'm so excited!! I will be starting communications 101. I am thinking of changing my major to education and working hard to become a certified bilingual as well. I am blessed and greatful for all the great friendships and discussions from such a great organization and will get on here as time permits. God Bless and hope you all had great holidays!!!

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congratulations on starting school. It's amazing what you don't know until you know it!! Good Luck!!

Marie V.
That's great that you are thinking about becoming a teacher. We need bilingual teachers.
It is a wonderful thing to study, lucky you!!!!! I wish you the best in everything you do. Can I ask you something? Please let me know how can you become a certified biligual teacher. I am a Spanish teacher in my country (Peru) I just come here and I would like to work as a Elementary Spanish Teacher. Can you help me with that maybe giving me some tools to acomplish my goal? Thank you in advance and GOD Bless you always :)
Thanks so much for your kind words. Well from what I been told, you call whatever district you want to teach at and they tell you some test to take and whatever those requirements are. Before I even attempt to take the test I am definately going to study more spanish. Yo comprende, leer, y escribir poco, pero cuando hable es asi asi. Yo quiero aprende sign language en espanol tambien. I was told the test cost 85 dollars everytime you take it and that it is hard. God bless you too!!
I'm stoked for you! Have fun and persue your dreams and goals.
Happy New Year and that's great you are starting school! Good Luck!


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