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I'd like to take a moment to congratulate Sonia Sotomayor on her nomination to the supreme court. Although she is not yet confirmed, she nonetheless illuminates the social progression of Hispanics, and more particularly Hispanic women in the U.S. She really is an inspiration. It's funny, but ever since I heard of her nomination, I can't help but feel a vicarious thrill.

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Yes!!!! Yes!!!! I also add my congratulations to future Justice Sotomayor. Unfortunately, it's not a fait accompli considering that Republican senators will do their best to try to block her nomination. Although, Al Franken will provide the 60th vote to avoid a filibuster, there are two Democrats who are seriously ill (ie: Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV)) and that, unfortunately, complicates the math. This could create a scenario in which Republicans could try to temporarily block her nomination, but they can't delay too much because they will be playing with fire. In my opinion, her impecable record and Obama's popularity precludes any possibility of trying to derail her nomination. Republicans will play their obstrucionist game, but at some point they will give up and allow the hearings to take place. Of course, they will accuse her of "reverse discrimination" and only God knows of what else, but at the end of the day, Sonia Sotomayor (bite your tongue Republicans!) will be the first Latino Justice in contemporary America.
I hope Sonia does not become to the Colombians (People who descended from the lands discovered by Columbus)
what Judge Thomas became to the so called (African Americans or Blacks)
As Latinos, do you not find it irritating, that after Sotomayor's remark regarding Hispanic women, that the Southern Republicans are the worst with bring up this remark. As a Latino, I watch my father struggle in his job, my brothers and sister struggle for there places in the community, and myself as activist, lots of people are missing the point, and correct me if I'm wrong we all sit at the same table, and from that table we all bring a portion of the meal to be enjoyed by everyone, not one person should ever be treated differently for lack of what is brought to the table this is what makes the meal more enjoyable. So what if she is encouraging the Latin women to take their place in society equal to their male counterparts good for her! Comments by the Republicans ask Sotomayor to denounce her comment, is like living on your knees, these people, non-people of color are offended by someone who has arrived, and plans on not leaving till she can sit at the table as well, One of the senators said if one of them had said anything like that they would be in trouble, they say it all the time, the good'ole boys get away with it, a slap on the back HOOHA! Is anyone upset and has the media played up on the Ricky Ricardo remark, or goose bumps in Spanish, what most upsets me about this treatment for example is when I worked for a large HMO in Colorado, every employee function our Sr. VP of HR would wear a vest made by his wife in honor of that staff organization, for African-American a desheeke(wrong in spelling I know) at the Latino banquets a chili pepper vest, Pacific-Islanders something with palm trees, and it gets better, America-Indians, something with ribbons attached, and in multi-colors. I guess were lucky he didn't have a hatch-it with him. I really find this insulting, are the media reporting this and how offensive it is, they are not, they are saying that this is intended to put Sotomayor at ease, make her fill more comfortable, did anyone have rope on the counter when Judge Thomas was being grilled, subtleties like this can be done without just get on with the questions, does anyone else care what this is costing the tax payers. We as Latinos really, more then ever really need to take our place at the table," front of house " as my partner would say, we are the fastest growing majority in the nation, and still we are in the back of the house! I urge us all to move forward, and break through. Thanks for letting me leave my comment! Aloha, Ma'Halo.
I very much expected Judge Sotomayor to be heavily grilled by the US senators, particularly the republicans. To her credit, she showed great patience and appeared to show amazing knowledge of the law as well as recollection of how she handled former cases. What perturbs me with these hearings is that certain senators seem eager to welcome a Latina as a supreme court justice, but only if she espouses ideals that are akin to their ideologies. These people seem troubled not by diverse candidates such as a "wise Latina woman," but by candidates who hold different ideologies. Perhaps this is more salient and consequently worrisome when the candidates in question fall under the category of people of color. While I do appreciate that nominees to the supreme court are given a chance to make their case before the senate, the line of questioning presented by the senators does not only delve into one's qualifications, but also "fit." In Sotomayor's hearings she was repeatedly asked to opine about certain controversial issues. I'm not sure that candidates who reveal different ideals before the senate would be confirmed; and if this is the case, I fear that future nominees with diverse perspectives will be dissuaded to speak their minds and refrain from exercising their constitutional right to freedom of speech.


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