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I have been researching family history through photographs, stories, and genealogical research. I owe so much to my family and ancestors. I have learned history about family, culture, and myself.

I recently produced a video which I submitted to a film festival. It is an overview of what I would like to share with others. Stories are the best way to learn about life and what it means to be human.

My video is entitled "Barefoot on the Moon" and available for viewing online. http://vimeo.com/31406681

It will premiere in New York City on November 19 -- el Día de Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Discovery Day). I am so honored to be a part of the First International Puerto Rico Heritage Film Festival. How apropos since my life has been dedicated to discovery! Every child begins life curious and exploring the world. Space exploration is a natural extension of that inborn trait. Our country exists because of many explorers, including some with my surname who were on Columbus' voyages. I continued with my passion to work in the space industry. I want to travel beyond Earth's atmosphere, walk on the Moon, and more!

Please support this event through donations or advertisements => (http://www.iprhff.com)

I need your help by working your media and organizational contacts for sponsorship. If you wish to do something personally for me, please support my business on Zazzle:

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Hello Miss Candy Torres, LOVED LOVED LOVED your video and the passion that you have for Space, absolutely wonderful and amazing!! The only thing I remember about space was in the 1980's when Christa McCauluf, I think she was a teacher, well she and some others died, I saw that on TV. Whatever else I know is from Space Cowboys and Armageddon.

I wish you much success in all you do and Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story!!

Marie Castro

DFW Group Admin  

Hi, Candy. I've been avoiding you! When I saw your post I knew you would take up a lot of my time because I've been urging our members to write their memoirs and assemble their family photographs so I knew your post would interest me. As far as I know, I've not had any takers. Maybe they'll like your way better. I hope so, it is wonderful!

And then there's the space program part of your message--my husband and I are both avid supporters of the space program.

I am re-posting your video on my Facebook page and will try to put a link on my page on this site.

What a wonderful title!

Janelle Meraz Hooper


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