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¿ Are these job fairs really meeting jobless people's expectations and needs?

Well, I have attended the past three job fairs in New York City and I got home with a bag full of pamphlets, brochures, lists of jobs, business cards, pens, coffee cups, badges and most of all empty handed at the same time. Why?


The following day I would go over the careers' sections of these companies that hand you all their corporate image's stationary and applied for the most suitable jobs and guess what? during those 3 years NONE of these companies called me up not even for a courtesy interview. I have to say that companies are just using these events to advertise their products and give us a sip of hospitality, diplomacy and false expectations.

So, this year I decided to take a break and not spend the U$13.50 in busfare and instead of that keep actively looking for a job using other more useful means. I appreciate Ricardo's effort and his team. Thanks anyway. They really try. But...

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I am agree 100%.  those kind of events are one of the strategies of those companies to sale their products, and to put a fake mask to the community telling the people that they are a philanthropic organizations.  The situation in this country is no too different that in our Latin American countries.  day after day we find professionals working in low pay companies.

I agree with you to an extent.  I actually, thanks to a NSHP job fair I attended a couple of years ago, when I was in between jobs like I am now, had obtained a phone interview for a position at an insurance company (in the end, I didn't land it).  I think it's best to review the list of the companies who will be present at the next job fair beforehand, examine the current openings which you find would be matches and then bring these up to the representatives during your interaction with them at the event.  


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