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Pamela is sending random emails.  The Pamela profile is blank.

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Too late I sent her my e-mail...I did not realize it until I saw how many comments she had already left others as well....

Well hope for the best..

Yes; anyone on here with "4love" in his or her email address is either fake or dumb.
Thank you for the heads up.....



i am new to the site, and when i received that email i checked back a couple times to find out who Pamela was.

thank you for clearing that up.

Best regards,

Thank you so much for your concern and desire to keep this network free of spammers and solicitors. We have banned the member in question thanks to your comments.

In the future, please feel free to either post a thread like this or send me a message when you suspect someone is using the network in an inappropriate way and we will address it immediately.
I am glad to heard this!! Seems is someone that has nothing to do except spam!!! This person also send messsage to me!!!
I have received some emails from her too and I just ignored them, that seems weird, just be careful
I got the same. Twice.
Yes, I received one too. I tough was spam and as soon as I read it I deleted. I did not know that everyone received one.

I am another one that was sent the e-mail. Thank you everyone for the heads-up.


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