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Hi everyone. Thanks for reading this. I am wondering if the organizers of this forum could separate out members from specific states and list them that way. That information would be invaluable for people to come together, share our bonds as Puerto Ricans to help one another socially, regarding jobs, so many other ways. We could become the family -away from the shores of PR, that we should be. Many people are going through difficulties find themselves alone, afraid, desperate. There is no need for this as a plate of rice and beans, a cup of coffee, a smile, a hug, comfort, is to be shared with anyone, why not with each other? Please consider doing this to help the "oneness', that I think is the purpose of a group such as this one. It would also  would stimulate the mission of this group and develop so much good for it's members. Thanks again! 

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By the way I am from CA and was hoping you could start there. I could help separate the members by states. I would be so happy to help, if you need my help. Thanks!

Hi Elsa,

I hope all is well and thanks for your thoughtful idea. Please excuse me for not responding earlier; I've been tied up with work. There is not an option for us to group members according to where they live, but if you click here you will find the groups created by members who live in different locations. If you would like to get in touch with members who live in specific states, e.g. California, you can search for them on this page. I hope this helps.




I totally agree with you!


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