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How often have you sat on shore and lost sight of your child? Fatigue, Fear, rush through your mind as fast as a racing jet ski or speed boat. Where's your CHILD?  I nearly struck a seven year old child with my boat after he was thrown into the water when involved in a collision with another jet ski on which he was riding, leaving one permanently dismembered. As I watched the Father holding this boy as if there were no tomorrow changed my life, at that moment I designed the Swimming Buddy to enhance my Grandchildrens VISIBILITY to other watercraft operators while they are in the water. My Grandchildren are safer, and seen faster from shore or from in the boat. Visit www.swimmingbuddy.com and see how your children can be more VISIBLE. This is information for  concerned Parents, Grandparents. What do you think? Tell your friends.

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Dear Friends,

Please take 2:23 to view this video, it's important for parents to see.

Please visit YouTube search for Swimming Buddy, see how you can help your loved ones be more visible to other boating operators reducing the chance of being struck while in the water. Or visit www.swimmingbuddy.com . I know the new model life vests start their strapping closer to the side and cross the front and not around the back. I have already designed the solution for clipping the Swimming Buddy to the back of any new model life vest.

If I had not nearly struck the 7 year old with my boat (during the rescue) after he was thrown into the water at impact in a jet ski collision leaving one permanently dismembered, I may have thought that this was another 4th of July accident; but I have Grandchildren and they always wear their Swimming Buddy when on the water or in their tube or on the boat or jet ski. Please consider joining forces with Swimming Buddy in reducing the number of accidents and loss of life.

This is worth forwarding to your friends, in whatever state they may live. BE SAFE...BE SEEN.


Armando J.Rositas


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