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In a year when support for Democratic candidates has eroded, the party's standing among one key voting group -- Latinos-appears as strong as ever. Two-thirds (65%) of Latino registered voters say they plan to support the Democratic candidate in their local congressional district, while just 22% support the Republican candidate, according to a nationwide survey of Latinos.

If this pro-Democratic margin holds up on Election Day next month, it would be about as wide as in 2008, when Latinos supported Barack Obama for president over John McCain by 67% to 31%.

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Source:  Pew Hispanic Center
Author:  Mark Hugo Lopez

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It would be great to see another 67% of the Latino voter turn out again to support the Democratic Party one more time. Then maybe in our life time we would see the Islamic flag fly over the White House.

On the issue of Meg Whitman treatment of her 9 years Latina housekeeper Ms. Santillan. That was some cheap labor. Ms. Santillan was getting paid $23 an hour. Regular permanent documented employees who are degree that work their way through the immigration system to get there resident card are not making that much working for most major Corp.
I agree with you David - we are individuals, not sheep.
How much Meg Whitman paid her housekeeper was not the issue. The issue was that Meg was so vehemently against undocumented labor while she, herself, was abusing the system. She lied.
Count me in the minority Ricardo, as an entrepreneur and business man, the Democratic agenda is going to cost me money and the Republicans support small to medium-sized businesses as opposed to keeping us on the government dole. Yes, I may get access to more government bids as a minority business owner, but I pay back every dime and I don't want to be put in a vote farm where the Democrats are my friend only at election time. This will be the first year that I ever voted straight ticket Republican.
Esteban, a small business, by government definition, is 500 or less employees. The Republican agenda is focused to provide maximum benefits to the largest of the small businesses. It really does not do much of anything for the mom and pop or businesses with less than 100 employees. The tax plan offered by the Republicans provides tax relief for tax payers with $250,000 or more in income. If your businesses exceed 100 employees or if your annual income exceeds $250,000 then the Republican agenda is more friendly to you at this time. If you are in that upper 2-3% of the population, congratulations on your success. However, the 97-98% of the population probably represents the bulk of your customers and they need cash to purchase your product or services.
In Hawaii 98% of Latino Registered voters voted two years ago. Let me say that again, 98%!! we have over 112,300 Latinos in Hawaii. I'm proud to say, we do stand up and vote here!!

I vote Republican in our state. But we have other problems here in Hawaii.
The election on Tuesday is super critical. Please vote! It matters! In Washington State, the choice for U. S. Senator between Patty Murray and Dino Rossi is an election Hispanics cannot afford to lose.
Leaders may run the country, but your vote determines who those leaders are.
Our vote determines the leadres, and as a latina my participation is important in election day tomorrow here in VA.


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