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Is the "Sleeping Giant" alive and well or are we still asleep?

Tell me what you think?

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According to some statistics I've come accross, for each member of the "sleeping giant" that dies, 8 are born, the giant is alive and well, however, sadly to say it is still sleeping and will continue asleep no matter how giant it gets. Something is got to happen to wake him up!. Education perhaps.
That depends Johnny:
Economically, we're doing great. We have billions of dollars worth in purchasing power.
But...Politically, we're nowhere where we can be. I think it has to do with the mistaken notion of a Monolithic Voting Bloc. Take Texas for instance, most of us are of Mexican decent. So, most of us are socially conservative, and would like to own (or do) our own business..So we would vote Republican, no? Not so fast. Most of us also believe that Government can be helpful to us, The People, and to help us with correcting the wrongs of the past. So most (but not all) of us tend to lean Democratic, hence, the split. Also, The Repubs did not help themselves with focusing so hard on the enforcement side of the Illegal Immigrant situation.
All I can say is that as a voting bloc, we should be as educated as possible about what Politicians are saying and doing. Forget parties, let's focus on the politicians and hold them accountable for their actions. Let's not assume that either party is the Savior of us all. Only we can help ourselves. Let's ask hard questions from both. Read and listen to both Liberal and Conservative columnists and talkshows. Read the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. Let's start with the basics. There are Good Democrats and Good Republicans out there to represent us. Who says that we should all vote one way or the other all the time?? That way, they will not take us for granted.
When we do get involved, it's ok to ask questions from the hardliners of both parties.. For example, as a Republican, why should we assume that rounding up and deporting all illegal immigrants is automatically a good thing. Are we not industrious? hardworking? family oriented? Willing to do everything for our families? For Democrats, in regards to the same topic, why should we offer amnesty to all. without penalities or background checks or saying "no" to those in jail now due to violent criminal acts? Convicted criminals should not be given a pass, regardless of what they look like or their last name..
Like Martin Luther King said, we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin........
What say you Johnny? Everyone?


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