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My name is Sonya J. I am a single, divorced mom of three, 22,19 and 18 yr olds. I currently work for the Department of Education as an Educational Associates (assist. teacher) now for 12 years. I have worked in the Archdiocese of NY and the Dept of Health. I hold an associates degree in Liberal arts, a bachelors in education, a masters in human services plus 12 credits in psycho therapy at the phd level. I have been in search of a position where i can actually apply my masters in and I have had no luck. I graduated in 2006 and since then I have been in the market. I dont know why, I have had no offers. Anyhow, I am a dedicated individual, very humanistic and empathetic towards everyone. I give my all when I enjoy what I do. I am still looking...

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Hi Sonya, i'm sure you will find something soon i will keep you in mind whem i network with others! Good Luck! God Bless you!
Thank you Marilia. God Bless!
Sonya, I wish I could help you.

What do you mean "I have been in the market. I do not know why, I have had no offers"?. Could you be a little bit more specific.

Jose Castellano
I have been been in the market meaning I have sent out my resume to many mnay places, exposed myself (professional) to monster.com and other sites as such. I have spoken to people to be recommended and nothing. I am not understanding why I havent had any job offers. I believe I have a lot to offer the workplace but nothing has arise. I have been applying mostly to Social Services, non-profits such as YAI, Community Centers, etc..., even case management. Well 2 places I interviewed with but what they had to say was, I had no experience!!! grrrr. If I am never given an opportunity in the field then how am I suppose to get experience. I was also suggested volunteering for a nonprofit but though it sounds good I need to make money. Many of these places want you to do 20 plus hours in volunteer work, where do I get the time with three teens at home. This is what I meant Jose by being in the market and wondering why no job offers.

HI, i m in mexico is interesting. your job. im looking for a job any area im computer systems engineer.
Hi Sonia,

I worked for the DOE for several years. So, I understand the need for utilizing your strengths & your education. I left the Board & started my own non-profit last June.

The market is highly competitive right now, and unfortunately many people are taking jobs they are over qualified for in order to have some form of income. I have had to do the same and take on part-time work while developing the organization.

I wish I could offer you the prospect of a paying job, but we are still in the start-up phase. What I have done with my staff is offer alternatives until we can establish full-time paid positions through our funders. We work on developing the skills and experience they need to enhance their resumes to meet their professional career goals. The hours are quite flexible, and much of their work is done from home. We work with over 200 organizations connecting diverse communities and work with urban youth. I am more than happy to discuss possibilities in volunteer work or pointing you in the direction of what you may be looking for. Our website is . Let me know if I can help.

Good Luck,


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